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Accoustic Pick-up varieties-THE BASICs?


For years I played cheap electric Fenders thru cheap amps. a legion of Bronco's and Mustangs...played blues in St. Louis...but now I've flipped over Accousticly driven genres, mostly 'Country-Blues'...Growly-old Gibson accoustics etc AND old Resonators(wooden single cones-6 & 12 str)...
1 - WHAT ARE MY pick-up-type OPTIONS ???-the basics.I know there ARE endless brands...so, for an experienced bluesman NEW to having to amplify accoustics...WHERE SHALL I HEAD????THANX
WATERSHEDSTRAY-makin up songs in the middle-of-no-where...
March 27, 2002 @10:05pm

"YES" on all counts, but to save you time, and be
more articulate, an article I read in a read waiting in a bus station,about aplifying old resinators(LOST)indicated a few different basic types of these mics fit, others didn't.
I need a couple of pick-ups that I can easily
(?)'clip-on' or ... asfix easily...to change between these insturments(all wooden, and old):
an old wooden single cone rersinator I have my eye on, a buzzuki, an old whitelady tenor banjo w/ or w/out back, a Gibson Jumbo 180(92?93), and a host of ratty-but-cool dreadnoughts ('cause I like to play in ALL-MANNER of different tunings)...a couple three 'really-good', genuinely exceptional pick-ups would do...
Someday, I'd like to be able to have a host of GREAT guitars...to rotate like that...
just reflecting here...but say,
a couple nice wooden single cone resinators a 12 and 12..
a buzzukki
a banjo
and a half dozen J-45's
what I have though is a "pawnshop parade" of kindly maintained oddballs...for me to play with people or write, I need to jump on a handful of insturments in different tunings..I guess it keeps me as interested as I NeeD TO BE, personally...I've seen those big pick-ups like a pancake in the soundholoe of some fancy-players, but they woulod seem UNWIELDLY for 'my' uses...so?
March 28, 2002 @01:21am