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jtm 45 original Output Transformer


Does anybody know of any 1962'ish Output Transformers for sale preferrably in the UK (KT66 Tubes)?
Also anybody have a picture and details of the JTM45 Tremolo Chasis dimensions and layout, as I intend to make one from scratch so I need to know the positions that the pots etc are placed, combo preferred if not then head.
Fingers crossed
March 20, 2002 @11:44pm
R Whittington

Not sure where you'd find the output transformers...but for one of the most thorough reference books for schematics and diagrams, check into "The Tube Amp Book" by Aspen Pittman ( of Groove Tubes fame ). This book is an incredible resource. It has literally hundreds of pictures and schematics of Marshall, Orange, Park, Fender...you name it. Vintage all the way up to modern designs.
March 21, 2002 @03:37pm