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Suggestions for live sound recording.


I'm looking for suggestions on recording live. I have plenty of microphones and a small Yamaha mixer to go into, but what I need is something to record to.
Normally I use Sonar to record direct to computer. I have a Lexicon Omega for that and I love it. However, for smaller gigs, I don't want to have all this equipment.
What I really need is a small digital recorder with at least 2 tracks of input, preferably 4. The most important thing here is sound quality. It needs to be as clear as possible. As to media, I would like a flash recorder or a hard drive recorder, as opposed to CD or definitely not DAT. Input-wise I can have 1/4" bal/unbal or XLR, preferably a set of both really (I normally use one stereo mic and two other mics on the sides, so I would prefer the option to record separately and mix them down later).
The only other thing here would be price range. I would prefer to keep it around $400-$500, but I'm open to suggestions. I am really looking at the Edirol R-09, but Im unsure. Mostly because I want something a little bigger and more controls
I really appreciate all the input.
September 9, 2006 @01:28am

If you can work with a 2-channel option (take a feed off a good stereo mix)you might want to consider a Marantz PMD 670 ($700). It has multiple sample rates (16 to 48kHz), 2 XLR inputs (mic or line level) and takes a Compact Flash card. You can record in mp3 (why, I have no idea), mp2, bwf, and wav formats.
OR - if you'd prefer to go to the next level...
You can get to the PMD 671, with 24-bit/96kHz resolution for around $1,000. Both models are USB compatible so you can transfer directly to your computer after you capture the audio.
Check 'em out if that's something like what you had in mind.
November 9, 2006 @06:15am

As far as proven results of units in the past goes, im sure a lot of people would agree that an Alesis Masterlink is about as consistent and reliable as it gets for live 2 track.
If you are doing these live recordings with the intent of producing and selling the cds, I wouldnt really recommend just using an R-09. It is likely that you will get a better recording out of a nice stereo pair of small (or perhaps large) diaphragm condensers. However, I would recommend that you have an R-09 as well. Its a great option as a backup.
November 9, 2006 @03:48pm