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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Strings for Electric?


Hi folks, my first post, hoping you can help me out. I need to buy some new strings and was hoping to get some advice from folks who've tried different strings.
I'm using a 6-string set of DeanMarkley sr2000's right now. They're a bit too piano-sounding and bright for my taste. I'd like to get more of a taut, round, rumbly growwwl-sound that would sound good for "motown" and 60's soul. Something a bit rugged and dirty but with a moderate punch. Any suggestions (besides a new bass), even if they're not 6-string sets?
ps oh, btw. my bass is a fretted-6, neckthru, w/ active electronics (carvin, circa 1992)
March 11, 2002 @09:10am

Dr Groove,
Thanks for the advice. Actually, after thinking about it, I'm probably going to get a Fender P or J with labella flats.
Any thoughts on replacement pickups for both the fender and the carvin? i'm very curious about passive bartolini's and lindy fralin's, with active bypass.
The amp I'm using is a small solid state peavey basic 60, nothing too exciting there. Anyways, thanks again.
March 23, 2002 @10:23pm