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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Neotek console


OK, I need help from any Neotek console experts out there. My studio partner managed to pick up a 16 channel board from a University lab that had it sitting in storage for the last nine years and obviously had no clue what it was worth. They were just going to toss it because they hadn't used it in so long. The console has no model designation and is definately mid-eighties or earlier. We looked at recordingconsoles.net, and found that the series I consoles look the most like ours, but not exactly. The main difference is the EQ and the extra faders for the four submasters. The faders seem to be for an extra monitor mix for the subs. The EQ only has one band of semi-parametric and the other three are fixed as opposed to the series I which has all four bands of semi-parametric. The only metering for the board is LEDs for the the subs and mains. Could this be an original Neotek (pre series I) or one that was made for broadcasting? We would really like to know exactly what we have.
September 1, 2006 @03:31pm

I'll start off by saying that I have no idea what board you have, but I wanted to chime in anyhow as I had a mid-Eighties twelve-channel Neotek Theater console that lived in my basement for a while. The thing was huge (I'd say it was half the size of a pool table, and just as heavy, with a massive four-space power supply) and it sounded great...really nice preamps and EQ's. There were some other cool things about it, like joystick panners and meters you could clear by touching them. It had come out of a university as well. I wound up not keeping it...although it sounded great there was a problem with the main outs, and I couldn't quite justify dedicating that kind of real estate to what was essentially a twelve-channel preamp, even though that was what I'd originally planned on purchasing it for. Last I heard it was sold to another Sweetwater employee, who eventually sold it on eBay and as it was in transit it was skewered by a forklift. So sad...
Sorry I didn't have anything more useful to contribute.
September 1, 2006 @03:38pm

Well, this thing is 4' wide and 3' deep and weighs about 90 llbs. The PSU is a 4 space, but not massive. It doesn't have joysticks or anything like that. It does seems to be made for recording. It has lots of foldback/monitoring options. Also, it has 6 test tones. I'm used to seeing two or maybe three. We have powered it up and ran a AT4050 for vox and acoustic guitar. Very warm! I'm sorry to hear about the one you had getting skewered by a forklift. Such a sad ending for a classic piece of gear.
September 1, 2006 @04:04pm

You should contact Mike Stoica directly to find out what it is. I know that he currently still makes Neotek consoles to order and constantly customizes them. There is a good chance that the one you have is also a customized console which is why it does not look the same. It may be a custom "series 1".
September 11, 2006 @01:47pm

I have a similar Neotek 12 channel console. I have asked for help from MIke Stoica. While he was very gracious about it he told me that anything that old wasn't worth expending the effort on and suggested I get a newer console.
In addition, it sounds like these consoles were built before his time there and he doesn't have the documentation or inclination to support them.
I have schematics for a Neotek series 1 and while there are similiarities they are not the same board. It is a step above anything else aside from a very expensive board (like API or NEVE) in terms of sound quality, although as mentioned above it is big and heavy. Oddly, mine also has some issues in the master section (it is not functional and I use the sub outs. Someday I'll hopefully have the time to trace out the circuit and fix it, but it would be a lot easier with documentation).
A side note- supposedly this board was used to record several "polka hits" (is that an oxymoron?) in the Chicago area. Hmmm....
I should post a picture. Someone must have doc. for these but in 5 years I have yet to find any.
April 17, 2008 @03:01pm