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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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What would you ask Rupert Neve?


Our inSync staff is going to be conducting an interview with Rupert Neve.
We're giving our readers the opportunity to submit a question that they would like to ask Mr. Neve.
Let us know what you think would be the question to ask Mr. Neve. Also, go ahead and tell others what you think of their questions - feel free to add ideas to other's questions.
One question will be chosen for our interview next week!
March 8, 2002 @10:55pm

I'd love to know what he thinks about computer-based audio recording - what's the best OS to record on, whether computers have any place in the studio, and especially if computerized mixers are as good as the 'real thing' (ie analog stuff).
March 9, 2002 @02:05am

My question would be very similar to Newness-of-life's question. Basically, there have been great advances in recording engineering technology over the years, and nowadays someone can create the equivalent of what used to be a $100,000.00+ studio inside their computer with the proper audio interface for less than $10,000.00. It seems that there is currently a lot of software that helps recreate the analog sounds of earlier recordings, and some of the digital approximations come really close. Does Mr. Neve feel that digital tracking/mixing is inferior (lacks character or coloration) and that there will always be a need for analog consoles, or that the analog console will eventually die and that the future is in high quality mic-pres/EQ units designed as a front-end for computer based setups in which all the mixing is done inside the computer?
March 12, 2002 @11:10am

If you were an animal / car/ ice cream flavor, what would you be?
Just kidding.
Would you take on Neve Campbell in a Celebrity Death Match?
Nope? OK, seriously...
Something similar to what the other posters have said. I think an interesting way to frame the question would be something like "What do you like most, and dislike most, about how digital recording has transformed the industry?"
March 18, 2002 @01:50am

Digital Recording, Digital Recording, Digital Recording. Seems like everyone already asked the same things that I wanted to ask!! LOL
As a former employer of Microsoft, you can understand that I dream of new technologies every day. I consider Mr. Neve, the Bill Gates of Pro Audio. Isn't he a GENIOUS?? :)
I always dream of someday using an IP (Internet Protocol) Microphone and an IP Mic Preamp that receives the Mic signal over an IP connection. Do you think I will see it before I die? (I am only 28) ;)
I think that the web can provide us the power to develop a RECORDING Network, on which all members would have connectivity for IP Recording.
Do you see the Recording Industry moving that way? If your answer is positive, I cant wait to begin recording over the Web.
March 18, 2002 @02:28am

Hello Mr. Neve
It's 2:20 am in the morning as i'm writing this email, all exited about the possibility in finally having the chance to make a dream come true.
I'm a Full Sail graduate that lives in Puerto Rico and a devoted fan of your superb Eq's used on the VR and older Neve consoles,
especially one console down in Miami that was once owned by Bob Marley and had the chance to use it in a session a while back. (magical)
I have many ideas & sketches that are at least
10 years old for making a NEVE Preamp/Eq module for us guitar/bass players.
but i though they were far fetched in asking you for help since i though, oh well maybe this just too much and i'm just dreaming.
that was until i received the Sweetwater email about asking you any question.
BAM!!! the light bulb just started shining bright again within seconds with all the possibilities.
As a guitar/bass player i'm not pleased with the offerings that are available right now.
maybe are my ears but i feel they are not musical or flexible enough in an ear/natural kind of way.
i'm positive with your help this can happen
and here's my question to you Mr. Neve,
Can you help me with the design of this unit?
helping in making the nicest, most natural and musical instrument Preamp/Eq for us the players.
i don't know if this is even what you were expecting to read, but at least i had the chance in asking you about this old and always present idea.
i'm willing to travel and meet with you if you even think there's even a small possibility in making this dream of mine a reality.
i'm positive that i can even get the seed money necessary for it.
please reply and thank you for reading this
all the best,
Charles J. Rivera
Puerto Rico
March 19, 2002 @06:44am

How did you come to design the now famous Neve eq, and how and why does it sound the way it does?
March 19, 2002 @07:54am