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live sound hook up


Ok peeps this is for all you techs out there. I'd like some recommendations on how to hook all this up ( if possible) Here's the equipment list.
Guitar rack system:(currently hooked up in this order)
Digitech 2120 into the Alesis M-EQ-230 ( 2 channel EQ), into a 2 channel BBE 482 Sonic Maximizer, into the 2 channel Behringer MDX-2200 Composer.
Pedals: Boss AC-2 Acoustic Emulator, Morley wah pedal.
Amp: Mesa Boogie Triple Rec 3 channel w/Mesa recto 4x12 cab. and footswitch
Also I do plan to go wireless ( true diversity) so lets figure that in as well.
Ok thats what I got now here's how I'd like it set up. On the first channel of the Mesa Triple Rec I want to be my clean sound using the AC-2 pedal. The second channel I want to be nothing but the stock Mesa distortion and the wah pedal. The third I want to run the rack system thru for my effects.
Sounds simple enough but here's the catch. The rack system is only using one channel of all the uits that are in it. I left one open so that I could run Channel 2 of the Mesa ( which was my distortion) thru the other channel so that it can reap the benefits of the rack system. And I dont have the slightest idea where to install the wireless system...or which one I chould get. A 2 channel one? Im not sure about the purpose and ways of running stuff thru the effects loop so everybody help me out if you can! Thanks.
March 8, 2002 @08:50pm