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pickups, strat humbucker


I have a Fat Strat HSS, The Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates doesnt quite sound good with my single coil Texas Specials. Would a Lindy Fralin sound better?
March 7, 2002 @05:21pm
R Whittington

The question of "would it sound better" is a tough one to answer. Purely subjective in regards to personal taste. Both Duncan pickups and Fralin (I've never heard one but have heard nothing but good feedback (pun intended) about them) are very high quality. If at all possible...I'd try to call Lindy. I have an original '64 strat pickup that needs re-winding and I've discussed it with him previously. He's very nice and I'm sure he'd take the time to elaborate on his design.
March 7, 2002 @05:52pm

Thanks for your reply, I went to the Fralin site and there is no feedback because of volume. I live in the uk and I cant find any outlets that sell these p/ups either!!! I contacted Custom Sounds who advised me to lower the Humbucker or replace it with a weaker type, none of these ideas sound good to me.
I sent an email to the tech at Seymour Duncan about appropriate p/ups also, no reply.
March 11, 2002 @10:25pm

COL_T..... what exactly isn't the pearly gates "doing" for you? I have one installed in a flying V...not exactly what it was designed for, but sounds cool none the less. I am a loyal Duncan user and have many different models, and haven't found a bad one yet. You say it doesn't sound good with the Texas specials...do you mean when you use them in combination? If that be the case, may I suggest splitting the coils on the PG,when you use it in combination...a mini-toggle or push/pull knob would cut off half of the PG, so it would essentially be a single coil, and would probably blend better with the Specials. Your local guitar tech could hook you up with that, or do it yourself if you have the know how. If you don't like it at all...I could suggest which model you might like, depending on what type of music you are playing.
May 16, 2002 @06:10am