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Mackie X.200 XBus


I have made up my mind to purchase an X-Bus for my soon-to-be open studio and plan to use an Alesis HD24XR so I can run 24 channels at 96K analog. I'm also going to get 3 Mackie Onyx 8ch. pres as well. My quesion is, what expansion cards should I get for the board? Is it practical to get 3 AES/EBU cards to run digital from the Pres to the board and then 4 Line cards (3 for ADAT, 1 for effects)? Any suggestions?
August 7, 2006 @02:01am
K.C. Hooks

I wish I had been aware of this forum earlier. If you purchased an X200 you probably are already aware that the Digital cards do not support any sample rates over 48 kHz. (although the Mackie website continues to mislead people by claiming that all the cards support up to 192kHz) I purchased an XBus console and two Alesis HD24s in May, including three Digital cards to interface the two units. After having trouble getting the word clock to sync at 96K, the Mackie tech told me that the Digital cards only supported 48K. They could offer no timeline as to when this would be fixed. Needless to say, I was PISSED. I sent a letter to Mackie asking about this and never got any response whatsoever. I then copied it to the head people at Loud Technologies (their parent co.) and finally got a phone call. They still gave no info. on when this would be resolved. After 4-5 months of waiting and threatening legal action, I had my attorney send them a demand letter. I just got a call today (45 days later) saying that the cards were ready and will be shipped to me. They had better work. We are still negotiating how much they are going to pay me for my studio downtime, mental anguish, loss of reputation, etc. Obviously I will never buy another Mackie product again.
November 17, 2006 @01:01am