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Software stops responding


I have the dual 3.2 creation station with 2gig of ram. I only record audio with cakewalk Sonar 5 producer edition. And use edirol FA101. I recorded about 26 songs of 8 to 12 tracks of audio each with no problems at all. But problems started when I started mixing down and mastering the tracks. When ever I add an effect or change the gain on a track or clip it just stop responding and comes back to normal in a couple minutes. It also just started playing back with pops that weren't there and when I export to wave they are not there. I tryed everything I was told by cakewalk like deleteing the AUD. file and restarting and changeing the latencey to safe and the I/O buffers to 256 I cancel everything on windows start up in msconfig. I erased all unused audio I defraged my drives. But it still won't work. It can't be the creation station cause the cpu and disk % goes to like 4% at the highest. When I hit ctrl alt del and goto processes there are 36 running I don't know what they are or if thats a problem. I need help bad cause now I can't finish my product. would reinstalling cakewalk help or useing system restore help?
July 10, 2006 @07:38pm

Call our tech support line at 1.800.222.4700 x 6400, and one of our techs can look into this for you.
Maybe something is wrong with Sonar, but our guys can probably help you figure it out and get it fixed.
July 11, 2006 @02:49pm