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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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I am seriously considering buying a Rickenbacker 370 (3 pick-up model). I would like to get your feedback, good or bad on these guitars before I take the plunge. The stores around me carry everything but Rickenbacker which doesn't help the cause. Thanks!
February 20, 2002 @01:58am
R Whittington

What style of music are you playing. Ricks are very unique sounding instruments. They'd do well on just about everything all the way up to heavy rock...but then again, I've seen Pete Townshend (The Who) plenty of times windmilling a mean cord on a Rick. I think the reason you don't see more of these in local stores is because their design is more traditional. They are not the latest 7string thing with locking tremolo bar. They haven't really changed much since the sixties. So if you're looking for that retro sound..you're headed in the right direction.
February 20, 2002 @02:17pm

Thanks for the input. The music style I'm playing is mostly pop/rock. The truth is I've always wanted a RIC and am finally in the position to buy one. I just hope it's not one of those sitiuations where the pursuit is more rewarding the catch. I know they are notorious for their unique thin, bright sound but I'm hoping I can also get a rich, full sound out of it. After all it is a semi-hollow body.
February 22, 2002 @12:45am
Mike Jefferis

I own a Rickenbacker 330 (not totally dissimilar to the 370) and have had 2 previously. Great guitars to get bright, treble sounds you'd hear on the Smiths, The Jam and early Who stuff. I run mine through a Marshall 50 watt tube combo and it sounds great but when I tweak the sound with an EQ pedal that's when I get magic!!
I'd recommend you try one out through various amps before buying. If you want to "rock out" into metal land, I would not recommend it.
Hope this is helpful
March 11, 2002 @06:08pm