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GigaStudio 3 and the Mellotron CD


I am using GigaStudio through Pro Tools and ReWire. I bought GS to convert and play Mellotron samples from the Mellotron CD (mellotron.com). when I load the intruments, they play at pitch, but there is a fast modulation effect on them. I talked to Mellotron about this and they said:
Hi David,
It's a modulation controller bug in Giga. Are the samples playing back at the correct pitch?
Call Giga. I know that they have fixes for this stuff. Did you buy it from a dealer?
Also, make SURE that there is no modulation source coming from your controller or some preset in the software.
www.audities.org <http://www.audities.org>
www.mellotron.com <http://www.mellotron.com>
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Sent: Wednesday, May 17, 2006 8:23 AM
Subject: Re: Mellotron samples CD
I've received the Mellotron CD and I can load the samples, but they seem to have this fast warbly quality to them. I don't remember this effect when using them before. Is it something I should look to correct in GigaStudio, or on the import from Akai format? Would you be able to direct me to a website or other resource?
Is there a modulation controller bug? What is the fix for this problem?
My setup is:
Windows XP service pack 2
Pro Tools 7
gigastudio 3.0 Solo (used through ReWire in Pro Tools)
m-audio keystation 49e (USB)
Thanks for any help you can provide,
May 17, 2006 @04:37pm

actually, I'm realizing that the problem is that when it is loaded as an instrument in Gigasampler, the sample is being played at twice the speed, so it's high.
I was auditioning the sound with the "Play Audition Sample" and it sounds perfect, but when I load the sound, it's twice the speed.
Any idea how to fix this? I have Gigastudio 3 Solo, so I don't have the GS Editor.
Any help would be appreciated.
May 18, 2006 @02:17am

Akai converter misinterprets keymapping of samples... so you have to...
- Import Akai files from the Mellotron CD into .wav (Import to Wave)
- Rebuild Quick Sound Database
- Select all of the .wav files in your instrument subfolder
- Right-Click and select "Load to Distributed Wave..."
- This will launch the Distributed Wave Editor
- drag the note files to the correct keys (C#2 to the keyboard C#2)
- then export to .gig
The instruments are then mapped correctly.
May 19, 2006 @01:21pm