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Running a mixer thru an mbox 2


Hey guys, I believe I asked this question once before but I would like to know specifically how I run my mackie mixer thru my mbox.
Once I get things hooked up, am I controlling everything, (levels, equalizer) thru the mackie?
May 16, 2006 @02:57pm

I'm assuming you're talking about a totally analog mixer.
Without knowing exactly what you're trying to do, it's hard to give a precise answer. But I'll take a wild guess. Sorry if my response is obvious or off the mark. Also if it gets too long.
The mbox can only record two channels at a time, no matter what else you connnect to it, analog or digital. If what you want is to use two mic pre's and channels for tracking in lieu of the mbox pre's, you can either connect direct outs from the channels (don't know for sure if your board has them)
or send those two channels to two output busses, and connect those busses to the audio inputs on the mbox. This will give you a little more flexibility in recording, but not a lot. You'll have eq, inserts, etc. and better metering.
It's up to you to decide if this setup sounds better than going right into the
mbox with mics.
If you're wanting to record more than two sources in real time, such as a band or drum set, you can still only record two channels at a time. So that means you would do a stereo mix on the board, to two output busses or the main outputs of the board. This is not very flexible but can yield decent results if you're careful and know what you want before you commit yourself. The downside is of course, once you've recorded a mixed program, such as a drum set, you're stuck with it, except for adding processing to the whole thing.
The mixer doesn't come into play at all during mixdowns except for monitoring, unless you simply run the two mbox outputs to two channels of the mackie and add some eq, effects thru inserts, etc. But I can't think of many reasons why you would want to do that unless you have some hardware device like a compressor that you really just gotta use, or you're mixing down to some outboard device like a CD recorder.
My setup is very similar to what you describe. I have an original mbox and a Tascam M1600 24x8 recording board. The way I have it connected is to use the direct outs from two channels on the board, plugged into the inputs of the mbox. It's debatable whether this is audibly superior to plugging the mics directly into the mbox, I do it because the metering is a lot better and once in a great while I want a little eq on the input. The output of the mbox comes back to the 2-track inputs on the board for monitoring. All mixing is done in software, including bouncing the mix to disk.
this works fine for me, because I play everything myself. If you need to record a band, for optimum results you need an interface with more inputs.
Hope this is some help.
Steve F.
May 16, 2006 @09:18pm

I have a Yamaha MG/32 Board(2007) that I diligently run thru my mbox2.. For all you pro tool fans here goes. I have and always will believe in Recording In Stereo. I have produced records in Nashville for many years. The Mbox although very primative looking in comparison to HD systems works very well. It gives you(with the help of a good outboard mixer) total and absolute control! Find a newer mixer preferrably Mackie or Yamaha that has an XLR Stereo out(male). These should be labeled left or right. Pick where you wanna stick it, ch 1 or 2, set your recording channel(on the board) to the stereo bus(this usually requires button "in"). Make sure the mic selection on the Mbox 2 is selected for both channels and that your stereo out fader is at a descent level........YOU WILL BE ABLE TO RECORD INDEFINATELY, I do it every day!!!! Not only will you be able to record, but you will have TOTAL premix control of the signal you send in. Get your "highs" "mids" and "Lows" where you want them, all the time! Alot of people say that pre amping twice is not a good idea, guess they havent tried it. Mbox2 only gives you a leveling device on thier interface, why not preamp to a nice outboard mixer, then to the interface and have the control you need, and by the way, using an unbalanced track "out" in comparison to an XLR stereo out.......Would be FRICKIN NUTS!!!!!!!!!
Keep makin music
The guys at Double Play Records
May 20, 2007 @06:36am