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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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need a recipe


I have a nylon string Takamine w/ pick up and a Fender Acoustasonic Junior. How do I tweek it so I get a "warmer-natural " sound instead of a "can". The controls on the guitar are treble, mid, bass & volume. I find that, except for volume, if I set all three to zero- it sounds more natural but "flat" or should I say "dull".
presently the amp is adjusted to the following setting: Volume=7, Treble=5, Mid=4, Bass=6, Feedback Notch=8, Reverb=off, Chorus=on, Rate=2, Depth=2, Master Phase=on.
I'm a novice samba-boso nova player and although I don't play, by any stretch of my imagination, like Jobim, I still wish my guitar would sound like his. Any suggestions?
February 16, 2002 @08:41am

-You could try what my Brother-in -law did. He plays a Carvin AE185 and he plugs an ART Tube MP between the guitar and amp. It's suppose to be a mic preamp, but it works excellent!
Matt D.
February 23, 2002 @12:51pm