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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Bass Selection


Hey all,
What kind of basses do you own and how did you come to choose them? I'm just curious.
Keep groovin',
February 15, 2002 @05:02pm

Hey, I just realized that I should've thrown in some info about my basses. I have a Fender MIM P-Bass. I like the classic fender tones that i can get out of it, and it has a nice fat neck on it. My 5 string is a Tobias Toby Pro-5. I ordered this on a gut instinct. I love the feel of it though. The string spacing is a bit tight, but I've adjusted to it, and I love it. I may replace the preamp and pickups on it though to get a louder output and be able to shape my sounds more. Well, that's just me. Adios
February 18, 2002 @11:44pm

I've had many basses but the one I have had the longest is a '65 Jazz bass I got in '74. Great sound & feel. However, these days I mostly use Tobias basses. I have a custom Killer B 5 string with the pick up spacing more simalar to a Jazz bass rather than the stock PJ spacing, & a Tobias Classic 6 string. I also use a Modulus 6 string fretless. All 4 basses sound great live & in the studio.
February 20, 2002 @06:22am

oooo, what i would give to get my hands on a Tobias Killer B! Those things are monster. :D I'm saving up for another bass, most likely 4-string. Tobias is looking good. The pre-Gibson stuff that is. What do you think of the MTD stuff?
February 20, 2002 @09:36pm

I strarted playing bass over 4 years ago. The first 2 years I was playing a Fender Squier P-bass for its low financial commitment (i.e. cheap). Then about the time I decided I would keep playing bass I stumbled across a Zon Sonus 4 string that my friend was about to sell. I borrowed it, fell in love with it, and gave him a check.
I love the graphite neck (no truss rod), the 24 frets, and the Bartolini pickups. The narrow neck and low action made playing bass so much easier.
February 20, 2002 @10:30pm

phunkjam, definitely stay away from the Gibson Tobias basses that were made in Nashville. The Killer B's had problems with the bolt holes being drilled too close to the edge of the necks with some sliding right between the neck & the neck pocket! The real Tobias basses are great but hard to find & expensive but worth every penny. His new MTD basses are real nice but to me they have kind of a rough unfinished vibe to them. Part of this is the necks are Wenge which is a very hard wood & doesn't get to a real smooth glassy finnish. Personally I prefer the original basses but the MTDs are very well made, quality instruments. Plus you can have one custom made with the types of wood you want.
February 20, 2002 @11:17pm

I guess I know why every pre-gibson i see is usually $2000+. They look so nice too. It's a shame that he sold his rights to Gibson. oh well
February 21, 2002 @01:50am
Ed Belknap

Originally posted by DrGroove

I consider Michael [Tobias]'s work with bass design up there with Leo Fender himself - Michael's ergonomic neck, use of "body wings", custom hardwoods, etc., have had an enormous impact on modern electric bass design.

I'm curious, what has Michael Tobias done with "body wings" that Ron Wickersham, Bruce Becvar, and Rick Turner hadn't done at Alembic since 1972?
May 9, 2002 @09:52pm

I'm using a Lakland 55-94 Standard and 1995 Warwick Streamer Stage II 4 string plus a 1974 Fender P-bass that's been customizied.
May 10, 2002 @12:39pm