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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Wasted Space and No Keys!


I love the general "concept" of SetMaker, but there are a couple of serious "bugs" that need to be fixed in a future version!
1. When printing in the "normal" mode (i.e., non-large format), if you use a font big enough to be seen easily from putting the list on the floor, you get a page with a vertical line down the middle, and half of the page is wasted (if your set is short--like a concert opening set). This should be something that can be adjusted in Preferences. In a normal "club set" situation, you would probably put all of your sets for the night on one page, with small font size, and the 2-column format would make sense. However, sometimes you just need one set's worth of material, in a larger format. Which leads me to...
2. When printing in the "large" format, why oh why can't the keys be included? I don't want to have to include the keys in the song title...that's what the "key" field should be for! Please fix the program so that when you print large, there is a column on the right side of the page for the song keys!
April 11, 2006 @05:12pm