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Hi, I'm just learning. A lot of books spell out cliche bends (maj & minor pentatonics etc.) One they don't mention that I'm wondering how best to finger is this:
D first string tenth fret
down to the C a step below (on whichever string)
then finger a G (a fourth below that) but bend it immediately up a step to A
so D-C-A descending, bending up to the A, using whichever strings/fingering is smoothest (hope this is clear, tell me if not)
i.e. Do you move your hand? Or do the bend with the first finger? or how would you do it?
February 15, 2002 @01:40pm
R Whittington

This is a pretty easy one. Only 2 fingers required. Fret the original D with your ring finger, play the C with your index finger two frets down..but also let your index finger extend across the next string too...that's the G note. Bend it up a full step and there's your A. No moving of the hand required. That's it.
February 15, 2002 @02:09pm