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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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More problems with Cookies?


Forums aren't remembering me - Firefox Same browser remembers me everywhere else?
Problems, again?
March 31, 2006 @04:31am

So, it WAS (recently) working and now it is not?
March 31, 2006 @01:47pm

So, it WAS (recently) working and now it is not?

1st it wasn't working, then it was working fine for weeks, now every time I have to log in again - even with checking the 'remember me' box
April 1, 2006 @12:47am

April 3, 2006 @02:39pm

We tried to reproduce your problem but could not.
Can you please try this in Firefox?
Go to Tools->Options->Privacy, at the bottom right
of the window, there is a button called "Settings".
If you click on that button, you will see a bunch of checkboxes.
Near the bottom of the list there is an option
"Clear private data when closing Firefox"
If that option is checked, that would be the reason you cannot
get back onto the forums without logging back in.
Please let us know if that worked, otherwise we will keep digging.
Sweetwater Support
April 3, 2006 @03:48pm

or on a mac, with firefox 1.5, got to the firefox menu, preferences, cookies, and hit the settings button. It will let you set options there.
Mine's been doing this also, off and on. Sometimes it stay's, sometimes it dosen't. I usually have to log in everytime I come back though.
April 3, 2006 @10:31pm

I'm trying a different setting for 'form information' that was getting cleared. Cookies were not being cleared - as ALL other forums I participate in remember me. I'll post results tomorrow. Thanks!
April 4, 2006 @04:25am