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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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What Next? -- New Ideas for future freeware from Sweetwater

Joe Lester

Since SetMaker has provided value for so many musicians out there, we are playing around with the notion of writing another freeware utility for musicians. We're not sure whether it will be a "Track Sheet" program or an "Equipment Maintenance" program or some other utility. What would you like to see? You can vote on the two ideas I mentioned or submit your own idea.
February 11, 2002 @04:46pm

How about some form of Equipment Tracking database that is customizable and printable?
Create a printed sheet of all the equipment required for a gig. This can be used as a checklist to ensure 1) that all equipment is packed before the gig, 2) all equipment is packed after the gig, and 3) all equipment is returned to the practice space.
When bands with a large number of members pack up from practice space to a live gig, it gets rather confusing quickly. Not all equipment may be required to go, and you certainly want to ensure that you return with everything you took along.
Possibly with a way to link certain pieces, like: a specific mic with a certain cord using a particular stand - so all three pieces are treated as one, but counted as three. A guitar, cord and amp, same thing...
It's also very useful for insurances purposes!
Just a thought.
March 25, 2002 @11:15pm

How about something for the home studio operator.
This might include:
Session Preparation/Organizer Tool (which mics on which sources; signal chain including compression, eq, etc. for each track; multi-tracking strategy and best use of limited tracks.)
Electronic Tracking Sheets (meaning savable - not merely a blank template that must be printed out and scribbled on and erased as the session evolves until it's finally unreadable.)
Equipment Inventory (I've been working on a spreadsheet myself for this, primarily for insurance records, but a GUI interface and the capability to pull gear from this DB into the tracking sheets and prep tool would be fabulous.)
Lots more possibilities, I think.
March 26, 2002 @11:43am

Thanks for the idea of an equipment tracking system.
How would this differ from what you could easily do in a Database or Spreadsheet program? I understand your need for the product, but it seems to me that this is EXACTLY what a database does...and we could never do a database better than Filemaker or Access. Please tell me more..
Thanks again for the suggestion.
Chuck Surack
March 26, 2002 @01:09pm

Hello Chuck,
The idea of having a stand alone Equipment Tracking program is convienience. And a cool interface... :-)
Mostly because it takes time to build a database from scratch and some people don't have the time or patience... so we get you guys to do it! It's that simple.
I'm sure Sweetwater can come up with something much more useable than most of us can come up with on our own. More detailed and including many things we might overlook. The possibilities are endless and the detail can be amazing.
I do mostly remote recordings. It gets to be a real mess sometimes. Easy to lose track of what was used. This program could really help - check off what I use so I know I get it back. A quick inventory as I load up, and I know I leave with everything I brought.
Still... just a thought.
Troy L. Walters
AGAPE Studio
Indiana, USA
April 2, 2002 @04:03pm

I'm going to give this a spin and see if it can help me "program" my show. I'll definitely send you all the feedback you could want. ;)
April 10, 2002 @06:02pm

ok, i am currently using auto cad to do this, but, i think it would be cool to have some sort of drawing program to help you think through a stage setup or layout. would include things such as what instruments go where, could place monitors, etc. i am always in communiction with the venue and have them give me stage dimensions as my band has ALOT of stuff. i have to figure out how to arrange equip. with the greatest efficiency. i am thinking that you would have some predrawn objects (which i could possibly help with) such as drums and you could just drag and drop them into place and move them around to best suit the stage. then you would be able to color code things such as monitors to show which monitors are tied into which mix and such. then, after you have dreamed through your setup, you would be able to print out the floor plan to take with you or send to the venue, and even purhaps and equip list as mentioned above.
my 5 cents
lynn graber
May 6, 2002 @02:58pm

here is a 2D example of what i am talking about. it would be cool to do 3D even. but i just dont want to take the time for what i am using this for. everything is to scale. i took the time to measure all the equipment that we use. anyway, later all!
lynn graber
May 6, 2002 @03:04pm

you could call it "stage maker" hahah! :D
May 6, 2002 @03:48pm

Perhaps something for the Palm platform?
July 19, 2002 @03:16pm

I hav a PAN. toughbook I want to record a band on to, what should I do?
September 4, 2002 @06:43am

Why don't you guys do what tascam does- put up a PDF on how to tweek PC 's etc -
July 5, 2003 @10:50pm

How about some links to demo/free/shareware plug-ins?
November 7, 2003 @09:34pm
b s t a r r

Or make a basic Audi/Midi program....
kinda Like Acid Xpress but the Sweetwater way.
Have like
- 16 tracks
- But limited plugins
- Looping
June 2, 2005 @04:48pm

June 2, 2005 @05:00pm