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SetMaker features for version 1.2

Joe Lester

As part of the process of deciding what new features will make it into the next version of SetMaker, we would like to hear from you. What new features would you like to see in the next version?
We've already decided to add a new "Song Key" field that will show up in the Set List window. What else would you like to see?
February 11, 2002 @04:26pm

I'd like to see a search function to search for key words or phrases, like "horns." "original," or (heaven forbid) "bass solo."
In Windows, when you save a set it would be nice if the name of the set you designate in the "set name" field was automatically selected as the file name, instead of having to enter it again.
Also a way to save your song list while you're working, so if the program farts and quits on you, you don't lose your work.
February 27, 2002 @05:33pm
Joe Lester

A trick for saving the Song List is to open the Preferences window and press the save button. The song list will be saved more often in version 1.3. Thanks for the input.
February 27, 2002 @07:05pm