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mac g3 and motu performer 6

larry vita

hi iv'e got this problem with this sequencing soft ware (performer 6) & the sound card that is in my mac (audiophile 24/96).
i can't seem to get any sound out of the software into the sound card
now this soundcard is an internal one and it is also a midi interface
and i cant get it to work for beens
i can get audio through the rca jacks in the soundcard and control volume with the computer but i cant get the soft ware to go through
if anyone has some ideas it would be much appreciated
larry vita
February 10, 2002 @12:32am

Do you by chance still have that software? Ive been looking around for Performer 6
January 7, 2013 @04:19pm

did you doube check the setup page? can't remember what it was called in DP6, perhaps, studio setup or hardware setup or something like that. that's where your drivers should appear. if they don't, then it's an installation problem.
and don't forget: there's a MOTU section here in the forum!
January 25, 2013 @05:21pm