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Rack Mount System for Live Performance


Hi, I am looking to build a rack system for live performance. I play lead guitar in a rock band. Currently playing a Les Paul through a Mesa Boogie Stiletto Deuce Head with a 4x12 traditional rectifier mesa boogie slant cab. I have the following tonal needs:
1. Clean channel
2. Classic Rock/British channel
3. Heavy metal channel
4. Lead boost
I am a novice when it comes to rack equiptment. What pieces of equiptment do I need? Looking for a system that is easy to use and set up.
Thank you and I look forward to your response.
February 9, 2006 @12:25am

I'm not sure if you're willing to part ways with your current setup(?) but if you are, here's something to consider:
http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/PSA1/ run this to a power amp and then to some PA speakers.
I am a big fan of the Tech 21 Sansamp stuff. I use the now discontinued TM120 amplifier they made and it sounds fantastic.
Alternately, there's the TM300 http://www.tech21nyc.com/tm300.html which I believe you can get in a rackmount version.
If you like your current setup, they make road cases that fit atop rack cases that have suspension foam or springs and fit a fullsize guitar amp head.
March 13, 2006 @09:45pm

A Furman power conditioner. Provide clean power to all of your toys you'll be putting in the rack.
June 30, 2006 @05:32pm