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Tascam CD-RW5000


Hi all,
I have a Tascam CD-RW5000 cd recorder which has worked perfectly for about 5 years. In the manual it was recommended to use the Taiyo Yuden brand cdr. I did, using type CDR-80ZYPA, and they worked great. Then, one day I reordered a bunch more, and what showed up was CDR-80ZYPA-ZM. The machine rejected them with a message "OPC FAIL". I have had a devil of a time ever since finding any media that this deck will accept. I even found one (Samsung Pleomax) that half work, and half don't. Meanwhile, I've been getting nowhere with Tascam about this. I can't even find any reference to the CD-RW5000 on their website.
Now, my question is, is there anyone out there who owns one of these machines, and has had any luck finding compatible cds to use? I'd greatly appreciate any info about this.
February 8, 2006 @12:55am

I did a little back ground research, and found in every summery a mention of it being able to take either consumer, or professional CD-R CD-RW media. Here's a direct quote "The most notable aspect of the CD-RW5000 is its unique support for all currently available forms of CD media. Many competing stand-alone CD recorders require the use of the CD-R-DA (Compact Disc-Recordable-Digital Audio) or CD-RW-DA (Compact Disc-ReWritable-Digital Audio) formatted media and do not support the CD-R or CD-RW formats. The cost of CD-R-DA and CD-RW-DA media is substantially higher than CD-R or CD-RW as these disc formats are specially licensed for the consumer market." SoOoo with that being said, the unit may have died...Take that with a grain of salt since I'm not a Tascam CD recorder expert.
February 8, 2006 @05:11am

I am with you 100%. I think the problem is that the speeds that the
CD-R's are created to write up to, that machine is not compadable now.
I hate knowing I may have to buy another burner, but I experienced
the same thing with the CD-R's you mentioned.
That's my only disappointment with Tascam in general, their room for
a product to breathe is limited. If I come up with a more reliable
CD-R to use, I will be sure to post it.
February 16, 2006 @08:52pm

May 8, 2006 @10:19am

I have had the same problem. I just fired up my CD-RW5000 because I'm going to sell it and I remembered having this problem. There was a Phillips disc in the machine and it resulted in the OPC Fail message. Then I put in a Verbatim disc and it worked fine. I'm not exactly sure which Verbatim disc I purchased but it wasn't anything fancy, just a cheap 50 pack that burns at 48x.
July 21, 2006 @12:27am

The COMPUSA 80 min 700MB cds pass the OPC on this machine.
August 14, 2006 @06:17pm

Here's a work around for OPC FAIL on cdrw 5000 -
method 1: turn unit on at least 30 minutes or more before use (this seems to work best for me)
method 2: run OPC on an old cd that always works - after OPC passes, remove old cd and insert new CD (you only get 99 OPC runs per disc)
-or use a combination of the two methods
I've always used TDK and I recently bought a new batch and they stopped working. The old ones still work everytime. I don't know enough about the system to guess what the difference is.
side note: CDRW 2000 will finalise discs from the cdrw 5000 but not the other way around.
Hope that helps
November 13, 2006 @05:08pm

I almost forgot - once OPC passes on a current production disc, you're good to go as long as the unit stays on. The work around should only be needed for the first disc
November 13, 2006 @05:23pm

I have just now started having this problem as well. I successfully used a few cd's from a spindle of Maxell cd-r that had a media ID of prodisc. Then a few disks later I got the OPC Fail error.
I tried the advice of leaving it started for > 1/2 hour and also inserting a previously used disc of same media that had been successful. Then I put back in a disc that failed the OPC test and it read the disc. Don't know if it was being on > 1/2 hour OR due to inserting a previously successful disc. But it worked. I have yet to try recording on that disc to see how it goes.
I also have been able to use Verbatim discs (which I have owned awhile now). They seem to be standard 80 minute 700 mb discs. The Nero InfoTool indicates those discs are manufactured by Mitsubishi Audio CDR.
I am puzzled by the info in the manual on the 99 OPC read thing. I would like to hear more about what this means.
January 5, 2007 @05:50am
Bob From Songs For Tropic

Thanks for the help It is good to know I am not the only person with this trouble.. I have stacks of new discs none of them have passed the OPC phase when starting the unit. I was just about to remove the unit from the rack and look for repair.. It just so happened that I had several old discs on hand. The first old disc I placed in the unit passed the OPC flawlessly. Additionally I was able to go to record mode.. My unit has not seen recorde mode for months.
I will now attempt to remove the old disc and replace with onesof the new disc.. Be right back.... No that did not work the new disc when directly to Opticial fail. Any further sugestions? as I only have about five old doscs left.
January 7, 2007 @09:50pm
Bob From Songs For Tropic

OK folks this is the deal. Tascam admits there is a problem. This is what they are willing to do. They will replace your cd-wr5000 with a new cd-rw900 you need to send your old unit plus a check for $350.00 plus $25.00 shiping a total of $375.00 to 7733 Telagraph Rd Montebello CA 90640 Attention Service dept .. Good luck
January 9, 2007 @12:34am

I also own a tascam cd-rw5000 and have experienced the same problem as others have expressed. It seems that the older cd's don't pass OPC but the newer ones do not. I believe that there may some brand(s) that will work. It would be easier to find which brand works than to go through the trouble and expense of upgrading. Earlier it was posted that the Comp USA discs work. I am going to buy a pack and try them. Maybe if we try different brands, we can hit on a few. I used to have success with the Imation.
January 27, 2007 @04:42am

I was just on the Tascam board and the information there stated that the cd has to be a maxium of 650mb and 74min. This makes sense because these are the discs I was using when I originally purchased this unit years ago. Now most discs are up to 700mb and 80min. I see that Imation still makes these discs and they are available on the Staples website.
January 28, 2007 @02:36am

I have an older model Marantz CD Recorder and in the manual is says that if it won't accept an 80 min. CD then use a 74 min. CD because it has a wider recording area.
January 29, 2007 @09:40am

I just today started using this machine and had this problem... I just kept inserting the disk and after 3 or 4 tries it seems to usually take it. I'm using memorex cd-r 52x 700mb 80 min. The warm up seems like it might be a factor too.
February 11, 2007 @02:01am