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hum / noise


i have an older takamine electric guitar, which i just restrung (someone gave it to me ages ago, and i've barely used it until recently). now when i try to play it, there's some serious hum occuring until i touch a string, or touch a metal component of the guitar. i also tried to clean the guitar as well as i could when i removed the strings, so i'm thinking maybe i screwed something up in the process-- i used a dampened cloth to really scrub off all the built up dust, including on the pickups, etc. could the moisture have somehow affected the magnets? i guess i wasn't thinking when i cleaned it. or perhaps there's some other cause of this kind of hum? there was some noise / hum to it before, but it was just a general kind of noise, not in this manner (where it dissipates once i touch the guitar). thanks...
February 5, 2002 @07:59am
R Whittington

Hi Atma,
I don't think you've damaged anything. But it sounds like you may have a loose ground wire somewhere inside the guitar. It's a simple enough thing to fix..but if you're not comfortable with troubleshooting and/or wiring, you may want to take it to a qualified repairman.
February 5, 2002 @08:45pm