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Reverb One for ProTools is awesome!


I am just blown away by how good Reverb One sounds on ProTools.You have to check it out! It really sounds like an expensive box.
July 6, 2001 @11:28pm

Agreed, I was simply blown away the first time that I heard it.....
July 6, 2001 @11:34pm

It's by far the best reverb plugin I've heard - that is, of course, short of "pluging in" an external reverb box of great reknown.
July 7, 2001 @12:55am

Anyone heard it? Will it work on TDM?
July 7, 2001 @07:58pm

Originally posted by Merkaba
Anyone heard it? Will it work on TDM?

Altiverb is not going to be TDM compatable out of the starting gates. I don't know if they have intentions of making it so or not. It will only be compatable with certain G4 computers to start with, from my understanding.
I have indeed heard it, and it sounds amazing, but is only one type of reverb tool. My guess is that it will have a major place in the film/foley facilities because of their ability to "shoot" an environment that they want to use for an effect.
Anyone else?
July 7, 2001 @09:25pm

good point Nika....post facilites will really dig it. One thing to keep in mind is that (per my understandin...feel free to correct me Nika, I'm sure you are up on this) is that the altiverb only takes a snapshot of a single moment in how a room sounds. In a real room you will find that the reverb will change and evolve over time... the character of the room will fluctuate and change as the waves diffuse and combine. So, even though it is very cool , and sounds good, it might not neccesarily be the best solution for every situation.
July 7, 2001 @09:38pm