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Jim Miller
Jim Miller is a 30-year studio veteran and a Sweetwater staff writer for more than a decade. He has written feature articles and reviews for most of the major industry publications and is co-owner of Stratus Sounds. Tech Notes Online is a weekly column covering all aspects of today's music, from stage to studio.

Synthogy Ivory (05/30/07)
The Quest for the Perfect Piano, Part Two

Gretsch Guitar (04/19/07)
The Final Word on Today's Gretsch Guitar Line...Maybe

M-Audio Has Seen the Future and It's Wireless! (12/18/06)
Choose a Wireless MIDI Controller or Make Your Own

Fender Clones Jeff Beck's 1954 Esquire (06/28/06)

The Birth of the Vox Wah-Wah...and Who Was Clyde McCoy?

VOX: The Sound that Fueled the "British Invasion" (05/17/06)
We separate myth and mystery, hype and history

Vintage Values (12/13/05)
A Real World Look At The Vintage Guitar Scene

In Memory of Guitar Innovator Link Wray (11/22/05)
You probably never heard of him, but his influence is still felt today!

The Sweet Sound of Reverb (11/03/05)
Is it music to our ears or just another overused studio toy?

The Taylor T5 Thinline (10/10/05)
The acoustic and electric guitar worlds have now merged!

The Brian Moore iGuitar (06/15/05)
An innovative design that combines magnetic and piezo pickups with 13-pin synth access

Buying an Acoustic Guitar (05/25/05)
From affordable to astronomical and everything in between, here's a few tips on how to choose the right acoustic guitar!

The Lore and Legend of Gretsch Guitars Part 2 (03/22/05)

The Lore and Legend of Gretsch Guitars Part 1 (03/11/05)
"For the guitarist who has everything except the ultimate guitar"

Buying an Electric Guitar (01/10/05)
Special tips to help you choose the perfect electric to match your wants and needs.

Line 6 GuitarPort (10/26/04)
Have a blast while learning to play better guitar!

The Line 6 Variax 700 Acoustic Modeling Guitar (10/08/04)
No more edgy, brittle piezos � just the sound of a real acoustic guitar (well, 12 of them)!

The Return of the Soapbar Pickup (08/20/04)
A vintage design is revisited for those seeking classic tones!

Review: The Stratocaster Chronicles (08/16/04)
Probably the most important guitar ever designed gets a close look on its 50th birthday from Tom Wheeler.

The Sweetwater Guitar Gallery: (08/06/04)
It's where to go to see your new guitar!

The Line 6 Variax Revisited (07/29/04)
"What if your next guitar could be every guitar?" Talk about a great marketing line!

The Fender Stratocaster Turns the Big Five-Oh! (07/13/04)
After half a century, this classic still has the looks and sounds that turn heads!

SoundServe Online Sound Library Service (05/14/04)
Why pay for sounds you don't need? With a SoundServe account, you get exactly what you need, when you need it

Good Wood (05/04/04)
Picking up on the theme from my previous online column ("A Passion for PRS Guitars")...

The Quest for the Perfect (Sampled) Piano (03/12/04)
Seems like there's a million sampled grands out there, so how do you choose the best one?

A passion for PRS guitars (03/01/04)
All of the reasons I have this thing about the guitars Paul Reed Smith calls "the new classics."

Alesis ProLinear 720 DSP Active Monitors (02/04/04)
Custom DSP technology creates a powered monitor that's somewhat of a sonic chameleon!

The Secret World of the (real) Audiophile (01/16/04)
You mean there are actually people who will pay $26,000 for a turntable? Well, yeah, but that doesn't include the $5,000 phono cartridge.

Alesis Pro Act 5.1 Surround System (01/06/04)
There's a good reason audio comes before video in "audio / video."

Earthworks Sigma 6.2 Monitors (12/22/03)
Object lesson #19: Great sounding speakers aren’t accurate monitors, but here’s why we need both.

TASCAM Pocketstudio 5 (12/16/03)
Pocketstudio 5 is smaller than a Stephen King novel and twice as much fun. It’s got lots of features and best of all, it’s affordable!

Alesis Andromeda (12/10/03)
Thirty years in the making: The evolution of the modern analog synthesizer. Classic tones and modern technology create a showstopper!

Tech Notes Online goes lost, not found (12/08/03)
Where did we go and why did we leave without a goodbye?
And what’s the deal about . . . spoons?

Earthworks Omni Condenser Microphone (12/01/03)
Tired of achieving inner peace, I go looking for answers of another kind, and actually find them!

Alesis ION Hands-On Review (10/15/03)
Q: What do you do when you want that fat analog sound, but don't have a fat stock portolio? A: The Ion. Yeah, that simple!

Introduction / Guitar Selection (10/6/03)
Jim introduces the Tech Notes Online series and discusses Sweetwater's ever-expanding selection of guitars.


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