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Meet Your Sales Engineer

Drew Lehman

Meet Your Sales Engineer

Drew Lehman

I used to wake up around 4:30AM, sneak out to the freezer in the garage, grab the bucket of mint chocolate chip ice cream, and pop Genesis - VisibleTouch into the VCR. Phil Collins was my hero on the kit and a real inspiration into what I now know is the most rewarding career in music. I have been behind the kit since 1997, rocking stages and experimenting in different genres. I felt that my ability to write drum parts was limited to the knowledge of the other instruments I played with, so in 2004 I picked up guitar and vocals. I have recorded in studios of various calibers and have walked away with a broad array of knowledge.

I served in the Marine Corps Reserve as an Infantryman, and was given the opportunity to see a lot of amazing places from the jungles of Belize to all over South East Asia. Their music cultures were awe-inspiring and I was able to incorporate a lot of what I heard into my own creative writing process.

How Can I Help?

As your personal contact here at Sweetwater, please let me know anytime I can offer help or advice.

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