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Virtual Drums

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Virtual drum software has revolutionized the way many of us write and record music. For those of us who don’t play or own drums, virtual drums provide the tools we need to create rhythm for our songs. Preprogrammed beats — a feature found within most virtual drum libraries — provide quick inspiration to hash out ideas. But the real power in these instruments is seen in the ability to create beats from scratch, placing yourself in the drummer’s seat (throne) and copping those sought-after studio drum takes without any technical know-how.

Even if you’re an accomplished drummer, breaking out the microphones or hooking up the electronic kit every time you feel inspiration can be a hassle. Virtual drums allow you to perform parts via keyboard or MIDI controller, with sounds that often rival (or exceed) the drums most of us are able to capture at home.

Sweetwater’s wide scope of acoustic drum libraries allows you to replicate the sound of a real drummer in a world-class studio, using world-class microphones and gear. But what’s especially useful about virtual drum libraries is their versatility. Since they work like any other plug-in, you can swap them out as the needs of your project change. Want to take your folk song in an electronic direction? Want to breathe new life into your stock drum grooves? Just swap the virtual drum instrument for a new flavor.

Not sure if you need a sampling library or synthesis software? Both options make it easy to replicate the sound of a drum, but they offer different paths for getting the job done. With a sample library, you have thousands of actual recordings of the instrument at your fingertips. Need a Latin sound? Just select, manipulate, and include it to create an authentic-sounding track. However, having an entire library on your hard drive is bound to take up a lot of space. Synthesis is a great alternative in these cases. Try one of our virtual drum instruments to program the sound of any drum or percussion instrument you like. There’s no need to store massive amounts of data to get the results you want.

Not sure which option is for you? You’ll be happy to learn that most of our virtual drum and rhythm software offers something in between, with synthesis capabilities and a sampling library. There’s even variety among the genres of music you can expect with our software. Most of our software runs the gamut of percussion sounds, but some focus on metal, alt-rock, or Latin percussion if you want to really dive deep.

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Questions about Virtual Drums?

Questions about Virtual Drums?

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Questions about Virtual Drums?

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