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Reverb Plugins

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Does your music sound a bit flat? Reverb and delay plug-ins can help! Sweetwater carries a range of quality plug-ins that will help you get creative with your audio and make your material sound more professional. If you are new to reverb and delay plug-ins, the following is information to help you choose the best plug-ins for your needs!

Wondering what reverbs and delays are? Reverb (reverberation) is vital to our perception of space. Since vocals and instruments are often recorded in an acoustically treated room, this causes any natural ambience to disappear, with the resulting dry vocal sounding unnatural. Reverbs and delays are a method to add some ambiance back into your tracks. They become vital tools to get a track to sit correctly in a mix.

Do you want a realistic way to stimulate reverb? Then convolution reverbs are the way to go. They use impulse responses measured from real rooms, making it possible for you to make it sound like your instrument or vocal is in that actual acoustic space. Convolution reverbs allow for amazing creative freedom, but they can take some effort to master and use.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for something that will give you good results without having to put in quite as much effort, check out one of our algorithmic reverbs. They are great if you want to create everything from normal room acoustics to strange and artificial spaces. Another upside to using algorithmic reverbs is that they are normally lighter on CPU usage, so they take less of a toll on your computer.

If you need something a bit more obvious, grab a delay plug-in. The major difference between delays and reverbs is that, while reverbs are subtle, delays are clearly audible repeats. This results in a more spacious sound than a reverb can achieve. Unlike reverbs, delays don't necessarily copy realistic spaces, but they are still creatively important. Just about every recorded song makes use of them.

At Sweetwater, you can find both full versions of reverb and delay plug-ins and expansions. Most are compatible with both Macs and PCs (but you should double-check to make sure your OS can support the plug-in you choose), and for many of them, you can opt for a boxed version with a physical disk, or get a downloadable version instantly. If you are a student or teacher at an educational institution, you can also look into our selection of academic versions with discounted prices.

Make use of your creative powers! We carry the reverb and delays plugins to help you on your way.

Questions about Reverb Plugins?

Questions about Reverb Plugins?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

Questions about Reverb Plugins?

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