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PA Subs

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Are you tired of having people coming up to you at the gig asking you to turn up the bass all the time? It sounds like you need to add a subwoofer to your PA system.

Dropping a subwoofer into your existing set up couldn't be easier. Sweetwater carries powered options if you don't have a spare power amp available. Just plug it into the summed bass output from your crossover and go. Check out our massive passive versions as well. Driving from an external power amp is the ultimate in control, and it also helps keep the weight down on that already heavy subwoofer enclosure. Whether you prefer powered or unpowered subs, we carry a range of options and sizes to fit right into your PA system.

One of your first considerations should be correctly sizing your new subwoofer to your current system. Your power amp will have an optimal wattage and ohms requirement that you'll want to use in narrowing your search. Speaker size is another important detail. You want to get a subwoofer that is fairly proportionate to your current speaker setup. The only exception might be if you're planning to also upgrade your other speakers in the near future. In that case, size your sub for the system you're going to have. With speaker sizes ranging from 5 to 18 inches, you'll have no problem finding a subwoofer that matches your system perfectly.

These days many subwoofers sport some pretty sophisticated features. Some of these are pretty amazing, and some actually protect your gear. With DSP effects such as speaker modeling and advanced filtering, your sub becomes a programmable tool. Some models even allow you to save program snapshots for recall later. And of course you can control all of this wizardry with your tablet over Wi-Fi. Welcome to the future!

Don't forget to consider some important practical features. Many of our subwoofers feature integrated pole sockets for accepting mounting stands for your satellite speakers. That's a great way to keep your rig compact and portable. Those big subs can be such a pain to move around too. Don't trip while moving your equipment out to the van. Get one of our many models with integrated caster wheels and make your life much easier.

There are a lot of details to sort out when matching a new component to your rig. The best thing you can do to ensure you’re on the right track is to call us up! Your Sweetwater Sales Engineer will make sure you have all the info you need to pick the perfect subwoofer for your PA system. Learn More

Questions about PA Subs?

Questions about PA Subs?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

Questions about PA Subs?

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