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Extension Cabinets

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You can plug your top-of-the-line guitar into the most expensive boutique amplifier on the market. But unless you have a good set of speakers to back it up, your tone may suffer. Indeed, guitar extension cabinets play as much a part in your overall sound as any other piece in your guitar chain. Whether it’s four twelves or a single ten you’re after, it’s important you find a speaker cabinet that’s both a good match for your amp and a good fit for your style.

Some of Sweetwater’s most popular guitar cabinets are loaded with vintage-inspired speakers that match the classic sounds of the golden age of guitar amplification. Whether it’s the roar of a set of Greenbacks or the spank of an Alnico Blue, these speakers deliver the way they have for half a century. Cabs often come with sought-after features like hand wiring and enclosures that are nearly identical with their vintage counterparts.

Looking for something more au courant? Sweetwater also carries modern and custom-voiced speaker options that blend characteristics of different types of drivers. Call your Sales Engineer for more information.

We also carry a host of speaker configurations to consider. Our 4x12”, 2x12”, and 1x10” options will appeal to players of all backgrounds. But if you’re looking for extended low end, consider something like the 18” Peavey 6505 118 cabinet or a classic-flavored 1x15” and 2x15”. These cabinets are no longer just associated with bass guitar. Rather, their incredible depth and piano-like lows help guitarists achieve hi-fi realism from their rigs.

Traveling light? Sweetwater stocks great-sounding speaker options on the compact side, including cabinets with a single speaker — some as small as 3”. These can breathe new life into combo amps with speaker extension outputs. Use your extended cabs on the road and practice at apartment-friendly levels at home. 4-, 8-, and 16-ohm options provide the right pairing for any amp.

We also supply a variety of guitar amp cabinet types. If you primarily play in small clubs, an open or semi-open back option is a great choice. This allows your sound to bloom from both the front and the back of the cabinet. On the other hand, if you need pure projection, a closed back cabinet will focus your sound out the front. Some players even combine open and closed back cabinets for the best of both worlds.

Sweetwater knows there’s a lot to consider when it comes to finding the right speaker cab for your amp. If you have any questions about speaker ratings, output specifications, durability, or sound, don’t hesitate to give our Sales Engineers a call. We’re always eager to talk guitar gear. Learn More

Questions about Extension Cabinets?

Questions about Extension Cabinets?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

Questions about Extension Cabinets?

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