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Cross Overs

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Your PA Crossover is a critical junction in the path from your mixer to your speakers. Its important job of splitting up your outgoing mix signal into bands and sending them to the appropriate speakers has a direct influence on the quality of your sound in the room. Each speaker is built to handle a specific chunk of the frequency spectrum. Some don't realize that their active speakers probably have a crossover built in. In fact, many compact PA systems use small built-in crossovers.

If you want better control over your room sound, a stand alone, precision crossover is a smart solution, especially if you are expanding your rig with additional speakers. If your current speaker enclosures have built-in crossovers, don't sweat it — you can still upgrade. Most models have a way to bypass the crossover unit and feed the drivers directly. You just run your new crossover's outputs to the appropriate speaker's direct input, and away you go. Now you can fine tune the signal being sent to each speaker by sweeping the crossover points until you find the perfect sonic fit.

Adding a subwoofer to your PA is a great way to beef up your sound. To make the most of this upgrade though, your crossover should have a dedicated low frequency summing output to provide a mono signal to your sub. These take the super low end frequencies from the stereo signal and squash them together to feed your subwoofer. The result is an incredible sounding, super thick sub channel. If your current crossover doesn't have a sub out (or it does but it sounds less than great), now is a perfect time to upgrade.

There are so many ways a high quality crossover enhances your sound and makes your life easier. Whether it's adapting to an expanded speaker configuration, or better matching the frequency for your current speaker complement, your PA's crossover is a critical juncture point for your mix. With advanced features like hi-pass and variable response filters, phase inversion, low cut filters, individual output level controls, sweepable crossover points and dedicated low frequency summing for your subwoofer, your PA will really sing.

If you're trying to decide on a crossover to integrate into your current PA system, or as a component in your new PA, we'd love to help. Our Sales Engineers would love to jump on a phone call and talk about crossovers with you. Simply tell us some details about your PA and your configuration of speakers. We'll walk you through your options and answer your questions every step of the way until you've decided on the perfect unit. You'll be astounded by the effect your new crossover has on the audio quality of your PA. Get ready for compliments!

Questions about Cross Overs?

Questions about Cross Overs?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

Questions about Cross Overs?

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