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Meet Your Sales Engineer

Chris Sanders

Meet Your Sales Engineer

Chris Sanders

My name is Chris Sanders. I'm originally from Detroit, MI and have worked in the music industry professionally for the last 10 years. I started as an intern in a multi-room studio district in high school. During my tenure, I picked up piano, guitar, and in-depth recording skills and techniques.

While attending Michigan State University, I became immersed in the live music scene and began playing shows as a guitarist and vocalist. I concurrently worked for a local music corporation, Marshall Music Co, for two years. I began as a sales associate before moving to service and warranty. My personal goal at Marshall Music was to raise the level of product knowledge and overall know-how of the sales associates there.

I began freelancing as a sound engineer. I soon found myself running sound for both local and national acts at local venues in town, as well as for churches. Before leaving Michigan, I ran sound for two major cover bands in the area: Avon Bomb and StarFarm

After college, I moved into management at Marshall Music Co., and opened my own home recording studio. I ran a private concert video series called "Park 58 Sessions" that gave exposure to some of my favorite unknown artists.

I relocated to Fort Wayne and began my journey with Sweetwater in April and the rest is history.

How Can I Help?

As your personal contact here at Sweetwater, please let me know anytime I can offer help or advice.

(800) 222-4700 ext 1678

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