As you look into the possibility of joining our Sweetwater team, it's important to understand that we are experiencing significant and sustained growth year after year. We are humbled by our success, and there are tons of reasons why we continue to grow at this amazing rate. But at the top of any "Why We're Successful" list is one simple truth: we have great people. Our people are not only true professionals at whatever role they fill for us, but also share our relentless passion to dramatically exceed the expectations of every customer, every single time they interact with us. Sweetwater has a very strong culture with a singular focus: to always do the right thing for the customer. Your particular skill set is vitally important to us, but just as important is your mindset. The ultimate question we ask every time we go to make a hiring decision is: will the candidate fit our culture? Do they feel like a Sweetwater person?

So — you might see a job listed here that you feel is a perfect fit for you. Great: please fill out the application for that position, and feel free to attach a cover letter and resume. But if you don't see something that looks like a perfect fit, please don't just throw in the towel. By all means fill out the generic application at the bottom of our list of open positions. Then please attach a note as to why you want to be here and what you feel you have to offer. It might surprise you to know that a lot of our successful team members were "opportunity hires" who, at the time they applied, didn't perfectly line up with an advertised job opening. We looked at their skill set, got creative (hey, we are musicians after all) and figured out what they could bring to the table that would help us grow. So step up to the mic and sing us your song: we're listening.

Before you apply: FAQs and helpful hints from Human Resources

Sales Engineer

Due to our continued phenomenal growth, we are actively seeking sales professionals to join our industry renowned team of Sales Engineers here at our headquarters in Fort Wayne, Indiana.


  • Recent graduates of a Music Technology, Audio Production or Music Business program--- or alumni of these types of programs with several years experience since graduation
  • People with music industry experience in retail sales or as a manufacturer's rep, or who work in a recording studio or a live music venue, either as an employee or freelancer
  • Gear Heads: people who love talking about the latest technology with others who share their passion
  • Musicians: people who love performing or writing music that are now at a point in their life where they seek stability and a career (and are maybe tired of living on a tour bus or the uncertainty of "gig" money.)


  • Smart, empathetic folks with strong people skills
  • Great verbal and written communication chops
  • A strong knowledge, and passion for, the gear we sell
  • Words that describe a successful Sales Engineer: Driven, self motivated, proactive, entrepreneurial, disciplined, organized, servant mentality, patient, passionate


We think of each Sales Engineer as their own store. The mission over time is to ultimately form a long term relationship based on trust, friendship and integrity with somewhere between 3000 to 6000 customers who now become "your" customer. Think of it as becoming a dedicated professional adviser who is a true expert in the products we sell through our amazing training program. Other duties include:

  • Complete our 13 week comprehensive training program for Sales Engineers, Sweetwater University. (find out more here)
  • Making 80-100 outbound phone calls daily to existing customers, as well as forming relationships with new ones, to assist them in making their musical dreams come true
  • Answering questions and giving advice on musical instruments and pro audio gear
  • Educating customers on a wide variety of topics such as guitar tone and amplification, digital audio recording, MIDI and sound synthesis, drums, live sound and countless other topics
  • Following up on orders or troubleshooting a gear issue in partnership with our Tech Support team to provide outstanding customer service
  • Designing sound systems or selecting gear for churches, schools, recording studios, live venues and the like
  • Constantly learning about new products and advising others, be they customers or team mates

Picture living in a community where it's safe to walk down the streets at night, with minimum traffic, clean air, the most affordable housing market of any city in the country, great schools, a thriving music scene, and countless other "quality of life" choices. Think about having a career you can grown with and an excellent benefits package, while receiving both the immediate and long-term satisfaction you've always wanted.

We suggest you watch the video conversation with our Sales Engineers, and then fill out our on-line application. You'll then be contacted by one of our Talent Acquisition Specialists.

This could be the career in the music industry you have always dreamed of. Why wait? We'd love to take a look at your application.

Bench Repair Technician

We are seeking a qualified candidate for a Bench Repair Technician position within our Service Department. The ideal candidate will have experience with component level repair for both analog and digital professional audio equipment such as keyboards, power amplifiers, instrument amplifiers, analog mixing consoles, digital mixing consoles and digital recorders.

Candidate must posses the following skills:

  • Ability to read schematics diagrams
  • Understanding of basic signal flow principles of analog audio equipment
  • Knowledge of electronic circuits
  • Ability to operate diagnostic and test equipment
  • Experience with software and operating systems, preferred for both Windows and Mac
  • Ability to lift heavy items onto work bench such as keyboards and mixing consoles

Director of Distribution Center Operations

Sweetwater is seeking an experienced professional to become Director of Distribution Center Operations at our headquarters here in Fort Wayne. This is a new position in our rapidly growing company and an outstanding opportunity. This executive will report directly to our VP of Distribution and assume shared total responsibility with him for all aspects of our operation and the 250 employees who work in this department. This includes shipping, receiving, inventory control, administration, personnel development, training, scheduling and financial operations. Our ideal candidate must have a keen understanding of, and significant experience in, managing small package, LTL and truckload freight. At least five years of experience running an operation similar to ours is essential. Some other important key skill sets for our ideal candidate will be:

  • outstanding leadership skills in developing, training, motivating and retaining employees, especially younger workers.
  • superior, positive communication skills, both with report directs as well as with other departments within the company, and vendor partners.
  • very deadline oriented (we are currently shipping 5,000 + parcels daily, seasonally as much as double that number)
  • high standards surrounding both quality control and the customer “out of box” experience we provide.....detail oriented in every way
  • strategic thinker: someone who can not only help us increase productivity and efficiency with the way things currently run, but also provide insights into potential improvements as we grow.

Please fill out our online application here and also feel free to attach a resume along with a cover letter that clearly expresses why you think you would be an ideal fit for this position. Relocation to the Fort Wayne area is a requirement for this position. This opportunity comes with a complete benefits package, including relocation assistance.

Pro Audio Category Manager

We are looking for an experienced individual to join our Merchandising team as our new Pro Audio Category Manager. The ideal candidate will have at least 3 years experience as a MI industry buyer of pro audio and/or deep experience with reputable pro audio manufactures. The candidate must possess sound business judgement, great communication skills and demonstrate experience in the following areas: assortment planning, negotiation, pricing strategy, online product presentation, sales, and building productive relationships.

Key Qualifications:

  • Deep understanding of the various major pro audio brands and products in our industry
  • Keen knowledge of product specifications
  • 3-5 years of experience with purchasing, negotiations, and assortment planning
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to work in a fast paced work environment
  • Sales experience

This is a unique opportunity to play a key role in our pro audio business. Relocation to our headquarters in Fort Wayne is required. Interested applicants please apply and send resume and supplemental information to

Techrep Marketing In House Business Development Specialist

Techrep Marketing is looking for an experienced, in-house business development representative. This individual will offer multi-line support to Sweetwater’s Sales Engineers and Merchandising Department. They will work alongside Techrep Principals at the Sweetwater Sound campus, as well as directly assist the Sales, Merchandising, and Marketing departments. This is one of the most dynamic sales environments in the industry. Techrep’s brands include: Sennheiser, Neumann, QSC, Universal Audio, Presonus, Genelec, Arturia, Switchcraft and others.

Duties include:

  • Building brand awareness with Sales Engineers
  • Helping Sales Engineers with product specifications
  • Assisting in customer service and support issues
  • Product presentations to Sweetwater staff
  • Facilitating campus vendor demos and meetings with Sweetwater management
  • Executing sales promotions for Techrep vendors


  • Bachelor's Degree in a related field
  • 5 years of music technology industry sales and / or service experience
  • Passion for working with a diverse and dynamic sales team
  • Deep knowledge of computer based music systems
  • Strong organizational skills
  • CRM experience


Applicant must live in Fort Wayne, IN or be willing to relocate. Some travel is required for trade shows, meetings, etc.

To apply, please send your resume, cover letter and references directly to Please do not fill out a Sweetwater application.

Web Designer

We are looking for a full-time Web Designer to help shape the next phase of our incredible online growth. You will handle the design and HTML/CSS for landing pages, micro-sites, user interfaces, email marketing, merchandising tiles, banner ads, and other online marketing. In this position, you will work in a fast-paced, collaborative environment with a great team of fellow Designers, Photographers, Writers, and Programmers.

Skills desired:

  • An eye for great design, layout, color, and product presentation
  • Keen understanding of semantic HTML markup
  • Experience in CSS styling, including CSS3
  • Background in developing for cross-browser compatibility
  • Expertise in Photoshop, including file formats, optimization, and image spriting
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to work on multiple projects at once
  • jQuery and JavaScript experience is a plus

Relocation to our headquarters in Fort Wayne is required; as with all positions at Sweetwater, working from home is not an option for this position. Please fill out this online application and send example URLs to

Web Developer (Front-end)

Legend tells of a HTML/CSS/JavaScript Ninja, skilled enough to build flawless user interfaces from scratch. Wielding the power to convert online window shoppers into fanatical customers. Unencumbered by WordPress templates or Bootstrap. Are you the Ninja the legends speak of? If so, we summon you.

Sweetwater is searching for an experienced Front-end developer to help us build our expanding online retail empire. You will join an amazingly creative team of developers using state-of-the-art tools and technology to develop the custom codebase for

You will help update and maintain our current code as well as designing, developing, and enhancing the UI and UX of Additionally, you'll contribute to the continuous expansion of our reusable component and pattern libraries, as well as bring your own unique views and ideas to the table. Our team is united to give customers an amazing experience through every aspect of the website. Together we seek out innovative web experiences and industry revolutionizing ideas.

Minimum Skills & Requirements
Solid mastery of HTML and CSS, without shortcuts like Bootstrap, Foundation or pre-built WordPress templates
A background in responsive and mobile-first design
Understanding of the roles of UI and UX in design and development
Thorough understanding of vanilla JavaScript programming, not limited to frameworks such as jQuery
Experience working with cross-browser quirks and compatibility issues
The ability to take a project from conception through wireframing, mockup, and development using applications like PhotoShop, Experience Design, or Sketch
A passion for solving problems and attention to detail

Bonus Skills
Experience with CSS preprocessors such as SASS and LESS
Experience with front-end frameworks such as Vue.js, Ember, and React
Familiarity with build systems and code bundlers such as Gulp and Webpack
Familiarity with PHP and MVC development patterns
Experience with version control systems such as git
A background in designing and developing for eCommerce

We function best as a unified team, so relocation to our headquarters in Fort Wayne is required. As with all positions at Sweetwater, working from home is not an option. Please fill out this online application and send example URLs to (P.S. We'd love to see your GitHub account!)

Web Programmer (PHP/MySQL)

We’ll go ahead and assume that since you’re reading this, your experience is not as a dog catcher or pearl diver. You’re a web programmer, but not just any web programmer. You write irresistible code from scratch, because pre-built WordPress templates are for noobs. You know once you start typing, you’re going to deliver the kind of customer experience that customers want to...well...experience.

Sound a lot like you? Then get in here! Sweetwater is looking for an experienced web programmer to become a part of our internet retail juggernaut. You will join an amazing team of developers just like you (not just like you, that would be confusing – and creepy) using state-of-the-art tools and technology to develop the custom codebase for You will also help us handle cool, challenging projects such as leveraging big data to personalize the shopping experience, driving behavioral marketing, enhancing site performance, and increasing security. We work as a team to give every customer an amazing experience, through innovative web applications and industry revolutionizing ideas.

Minimum Skills & Requirements
Must be able to build full-scale web applications in PHP from the ground up
Experience with relational database design and optimization techniques using MySQL (or similar RDBMS)
Understanding of web stack concepts such as HTTP, cookies, headers, profiling, and caching
Understanding of core implementation concepts such as algorithms, data structures, performance, security, and object-oriented programming
Understanding of modern design patterns such as MVC, IoC, and DI
A passion for solving problems and attention to detail

Bonus Skills
Experience with back-end frameworks such as Laravel, Symfony, and Slim
Familiarity with PHP standard recommendations (PSR)
Experience with version control systems such as git
Experience with JavaScript (including jQuery and Vue.js)
Understanding of Linux/Apache

We love working hard as a team and ending our day with a sense of pride, accomplishment and maybe a snack. Relocation to our headquarters in Fort Wayne is required; as with all positions at Sweetwater, working from home is not an option for this position. Please fill out this online application and send example URLs to (P.S. We'd love to see your GitHub account!)

Yamaha Technical Sales Specialist

Yamaha Corporation of America is looking for a Technical Sales Specialist. This is a full-time position located at our Sweetwater Headquarters in Fort Wayne, IN. The position requires product proficiency in Professional Audio, Keyboards, Guitars, Drums, and computer recording hardware and software. The primary role of the position will be to provide pre-sale and post-sale support along with promoting the Yamaha brand and products to Sweetwater Sales Engineers. This position will report to the Yamaha national account manager assigned to Sweetwater.

Essential duties and responsibilities:

  • Work collaboratively with Pro Music Division, National Account Manager and Pro Audio Division, District Managers and both YCA and Sweetwater’s House of Worship Team to coordinate product training and promotional initiatives
  • Share responsibility for new hire training at Sweetwater University.
  • Share responsibility for GearFest planning, organization, booth logistics and execution
  • Assist visiting product specialists with planning, campus logistics and training activities
  • Find solutions for any pre-sale questions or concerns from Sweetwater Sales Engineers
  • Help resolve technical support issues received from the Sweetwater technical support department by navigating through resources at Yamaha
  • Create a weekly product feature presentation for the various products represented. Details will be provided to sales engineers weekly to encourage brief office visits to learn more about Yamaha products
  • Prepare PowerPoint or Keynote presentations for training activities
  • Possess excellent training and presentation skills necessary to conduct Sweetwater morning meeting training sessions, Lunch & Learn training sessions and other training opportunities
  • Prepare comprehensive reports on training initiatives and competitive activities on a monthly basis
  • Other duties as assigned


  • 5+ years experience
  • High School diploma required and a college degree is preferred
  • A wide knowledge of Yamaha’s instrument and pro audio product is a requirement
  • Cross-platform expertise in Macintosh and Windows operating systems is a must
  • Working experience with DAWs such as Cubase is a bonus
  • Must be a self-motivated team-player and adaptable to a changing environment
  • Willing to take on new tasks with minimal supervision
  • Must have strong experience with MS Office applications and should be very familiar with productivity software such as Microsoft Excel and presentation software such as PowerPoint and Keynote
  • Excellent communications skills (Oral and written)
  • Must be able to effectively prioritize, plan work activities, and be detailed oriented

To apply for this position, please click on the green Apply button to visit Yamaha's website. Your application will be reviewed by them and you will apply at their website. Please do not fill out a Sweetwater application for this position.

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