Web Developer (Front-end)

Legend tells of a HTML/CSS/JavaScript Ninja, skilled enough to build flawless user interfaces from scratch. Wielding the power to convert online window shoppers into fanatical customers. Unencumbered by WordPress templates or Bootstrap. Are you the Ninja the legends speak of? If so, we summon you.

Sweetwater is searching for an experienced Front-end developer to help us build our expanding online retail empire. You will join an amazingly creative team of developers using state-of-the-art tools and technology to develop the custom codebase for Sweetwater.com.

You will help update and maintain our current code as well as designing, developing, and enhancing the UI and UX of Sweetwater.com. Additionally, you'll contribute to the continuous expansion of our reusable component and pattern libraries, as well as bring your own unique views and ideas to the table. Our team is united to give customers an amazing experience through every aspect of the website. Together we seek out innovative web experiences and industry revolutionizing ideas.

Minimum Skills & Requirements
Solid mastery of HTML and CSS, without shortcuts like Bootstrap, Foundation or pre-built WordPress templates
A background in responsive and mobile-first design
Understanding of the roles of UI and UX in design and development
Thorough understanding of vanilla JavaScript programming, not limited to frameworks such as jQuery
Experience working with cross-browser quirks and compatibility issues
The ability to take a project from conception through wireframing, mockup, and development using applications like PhotoShop, Experience Design, or Sketch
A passion for solving problems and attention to detail

Bonus Skills
Experience with CSS preprocessors such as SASS and LESS
Experience with front-end frameworks such as Vue.js, Ember, and React
Familiarity with build systems and code bundlers such as Gulp and Webpack
Familiarity with PHP and MVC development patterns
Experience with version control systems such as git
A background in designing and developing for eCommerce

We function best as a unified team, so relocation to our headquarters in Fort Wayne is required. As with all positions at Sweetwater, working from home is not an option. Please fill out this online application and send example URLs to jordan_applegate@sweetwater.com. (P.S. We'd love to see your GitHub account!)