Sales Engineer

Due to our continued phenomenal growth, we are actively seeking sales professionals to join our industry renowned team of Sales Engineers here at our headquarters in Fort Wayne, Indiana.


  • Recent graduates of a Music Technology, Audio Production or Music Business program--- or alumni of these types of programs with several years experience since graduation
  • People with music industry experience in retail sales or as a manufacturer's rep, or who work in a recording studio or a live music venue, either as an employee or freelancer
  • Gear Heads: people who love talking about the latest technology with others who share their passion
  • Musicians: people who love performing or writing music that are now at a point in their life where they seek stability and a career (and are maybe tired of living on a tour bus or the uncertainty of "gig" money.)


  • Smart, empathetic folks with strong people skills
  • Great verbal and written communication chops
  • A strong knowledge, and passion for, the gear we sell
  • Words that describe a successful Sales Engineer: Driven, self motivated, proactive, entrepreneurial, disciplined, organized, servant mentality, patient, passionate


We think of each Sales Engineer as their own store. The mission over time is to ultimately form a long term relationship based on trust, friendship and integrity with somewhere between 3000 to 6000 customers who now become "your" customer. Think of it as becoming a dedicated professional adviser who is a true expert in the products we sell through our amazing training program. Other duties include:

  • Complete our 13 week comprehensive training program for Sales Engineers, Sweetwater University. (find out more here)
  • Making 80-100 outbound phone calls daily to existing customers, as well as forming relationships with new ones, to assist them in making their musical dreams come true
  • Answering questions and giving advice on musical instruments and pro audio gear
  • Educating customers on a wide variety of topics such as guitar tone and amplification, digital audio recording, MIDI and sound synthesis, drums, live sound and countless other topics
  • Following up on orders or troubleshooting a gear issue in partnership with our Tech Support team to provide outstanding customer service
  • Designing sound systems or selecting gear for churches, schools, recording studios, live venues and the like
  • Constantly learning about new products and advising others, be they customers or team mates

Picture living in a community where it's safe to walk down the streets at night, with minimum traffic, clean air, the most affordable housing market of any city in the country, great schools, a thriving music scene, and countless other "quality of life" choices. Think about having a career you can grown with and an excellent benefits package, while receiving both the immediate and long-term satisfaction you've always wanted.

We suggest you watch the video conversation with our Sales Engineers, and then fill out our on-line application. You'll then be contacted by one of our Talent Acquisition Specialists.

This could be the career in the music industry you have always dreamed of. Why wait? We'd love to take a look at your application.