We're Committed to Treating Our Employees Right

Our company motto is "Always do the right thing for the customer," the same holds true regarding the environment we provide for our employees. We strive to do the right things to facilitate a culture that is not only high performance, but also one that's stimulating and fun.

Even with Sweetwater's remarkable growth, the workplace maintains a "small company" feel and a personalized, family-oriented philosophy. From the daily work environment to special occasions, we're always focused on doing what is right for our employees.

Special Events

Our regularly scheduled activities include company picnics, trips to amusement parks, company nights at sporting events, lunch with Santa for the employees' children, a phenomenal holiday party every January, and turkeys provided for each family at Thanksgiving. We even celebrate when employees have a birthday, get married, welcome a new baby to the family, or buy a house! Plus, we often bring in professionals such as lawyers, bankers, and nurses for free consultations with employees.

Everyday Life at Sweetwater

In addition to these special events, Sweetwater employees enjoy daily benefits that add to our happiness and quality of life. Some of those include:

  • full restaurant with both indoor and patio seating
  • fitness center
  • full-time personal trainer
  • free arcade with video games, pool table, ping-pong, golf simulator, Skee-Ball, and pinball
  • racquetball court
  • concierge service
  • DVD/video games lending library
  • ability to purchase gear at company cost
  • salon with hair stylists/chair masseuses
  • dry-cleaning pickup
  • postal services
  • ATM

The Passion for Music Continues After Hours

In their free time, many Sweetwater employees pour their creative energies into a wide variety of music and audio projects. At any given time, you'll find our employees:

  • building and using personal recording studios
  • playing in bands
  • engineering live sound
  • involved in worship and church groups
  • having jam sessions
  • participating in open-mic nights

Community Involvement

Our team members come to live and work in Fort Wayne from all over the country, and their diverse backgrounds are evident in their many and varied outside activities. Many get involved in community projects, in which the company also takes a very active role. Others volunteer, get involved in the arts community, sports leagues, houses of worship, etc.

When you tell people in the community that you work for Sweetwater, you are inevitably greeted with a smile and a shower of compliments. And you'll almost always hear, "Sweetwater? I've heard that's a great place to work!"

Ready to join our team? Awesome!