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Distortion, Overdrive, Boost & Fuzz

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Finding the distortion, overdrive, boost, or fuzz pedal that's perfect for you is easy when you shop at Sweetwater. We're musicians ourselves, and we're passionate about all these fantastic effects and what they do. Plus, we carry all the top brands - from big manufacturers to boutique builders, we carry the pedals you love.

When you want real sizzle in your tone, you can't beat plugging into a distortion pedal. These pedals run the gamut from amp-like drive to over-the-top grind. Want to recall the sound of a wailing Marshall stack or play an aggressive lead? Use a distortion effect as either an "amp in a box" plugged into a clean amplifier, or hit the input of that already cranked amp with distortion to take your tone over the top. This is a pedalboard essential for hard rock and metal players.

Looking for a more nuanced type of grit? Overdrive gives you the quality of an amp being pushed, and it's great for blues, rock, and even country and jazz. Dial in a little bit of gain and add "color" to your clean tone. Or go all-in and head toward outright distortion territory. Seeking the sound of a vintage-style amp's sweet spot but don't want to wake the neighbors? Overdrive is the ideal pedal for that. Or turn up the pedal's volume level to give your amp head or combo's preamp section a shove when it's time to take the spotlight for a lead part. Overdrive makes a versatile addition to any rig.

If you love your amp's tone but wish it could speak with a bit more authority, try a boost pedal. It essentially provides an extra channel for your amp by increasing the volume level of the signal going in. Like distortion and overdrive, boost can push your amplifier for higher gain. But your boost pedal retains the sound and character of your original signal, without any added crunch. This pedal is also very useful when it's time to bump up your volume for a highlighted guitar part. Heavy rockers and acoustic players alike benefit from clean boost.

Nothing exceeds like excess, and fuzz pedals have it in spades. A staple on the pedalboards of indie strummers, psychedelic rockers, adventurous studio players, and performers across genres, the fuzz pedal gets instant attention as soon as you step on the switch. Want rich, sustaining, violin-like solo tones? Toothy and rude chords? It's easy to dial in both - and everything in between. Fuzz pedals let you add big swaths of color to your live sound or recordings, and they're a ton of fun to play with.

Do you play multiple styles, or do you need a combination of these effects in one box? Then you're in luck! We stock a huge selection of multi-effect pedals that let you access individual effects, mix and match, and more. Say you're in a cover band and need to go from subtle overdrive to classic-rock crunch to screaming leads, but you don't have the luxury of being able to tweak your tones between songs. A multi-effects pedal serves all your needs from one location! Often, you can program your own custom settings and have a set's worth of distortion effects lined up and ready to go. These pedals are incredibly versatile and made to work great onstage. We can help you pick the one that suits you best.

No matter what style you play, we have the effect you need to make you sound better and enjoy your tones even more. Thanks to fast, free shipping, you'll get your pedal when you need it. And Sweetwater's free, exclusive 2-year warranty ensures you'll continue to enjoy your stompbox long after the purchase. Learn More



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