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Guitar Parts & Miscellaneous

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There will always be certain guitar parts or accessories that you want to add to your guitar or you will need to replace. Whether you want to enhance and upgrade your instrument, improve your practice routine or just replace a lost or worn out piece, Sweetwater has you covered.

On long practice sessions, you may find yourself unconsciously either crossing your legs or slightly elevating one of them in order to bring the guitar up a little bit. Not only that, but you also lean forward when you play, which affects your posture. Well, a foot rest allows you to sit comfortably, maintain correct posture, reduce leaning and avoid back pain, neck, and joint stiffness. In short, a foot rest keeps you in better shape, so you can be a better player in the long run.

A footstool elevates your foot and changes the way you hold and handle your guitar. If you want to be able to comfortably practice for long sessions at time and get more out of rehearsal, you need to take care of your posture. You just have to set your foot rest to a height that's convenient for you and start playing your guitar.

Are you sick of straps falling off your guitar? Strap locks are a great, hassle-free way to lock your strap onto your guitar. They're sturdy and very simple to use: simply grab one, slide it over your strap peg, while pushing it down at the same time and that's it! You'll avoid the annoying guitar drop without having to drill and modify your guitar. Who knew a strap lock could work such magic?

Knobs are another essential part for any guitarist. Sweetwater carries a wide range of knobs, so you have a bunch to choose from.

Do you need to replace any lost or worn out bridge and end pins? All of our guitar bridge and end pins are made of durable, high-quality materials. These are super easy to install. Plus, they enhance the look and tone of your acoustic guitar, so don't be surprised if you start earning compliments for more than just your sound.

Whether you need strap blocks or feedback reducers, you'll find all your acoustic guitar parts here - and our Sales Engineers know how they'll work with your guitar. If you have questions, give us a call. We love helping you kit out your acoustic guitar.



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