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Media Cases

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Packing, storing, or transporting your audio? Use media cases, of course.

Besides being extremely handy, media cases ensure a pleasant, neat appearance and help you organize your work, thanks to the space they offer for placing labels and covers (front-to-back or face-only depending on the model of the case).

The cases can be simple (holding one piece of media), double (holding two pieces of media), or multi (holding four, six, eight and up pieces of media). The media slots are arranged on trays so as to ensure that the space they occupy is as small as possible. Dimensions are space-friendly, even for an 8-media case. Thickness varies depending on the number of medias stored.

If we're talking about CDs, the most popular ones are jewel CD cases and thin CD cases. These can be slim (1 CD), double (2 CDs), or multi (4, 6, 8 CDs) cases.

Jewel CD cases with trays offer you all that you need in order to keep your media secure, safe and looking good. They're usually made out of high-quality plastic and feature a tray for placing your media, as well as a transparent part that supports the front cover or label to indicate the content of the media.

Thin CD cases are the ideal option to perfectly hold your demos while you are in transit. These cases have two parts, are made out of durable plastic, and feature a semi-transparent or transparent part (the tray) which will hold the media. They also have a transparent part that supports a cover or label to indicate the contents of the media. Thanks to their small size, these cases are very easy to pack and maintain a pleasant look.

Media cases are made out of a solid material used in the plastics industry. They can be transparent, black, or colored, and they have low-temperature resistance properties. This will help you store or transport your media safely, without worrying that bad weather might damage your work.

Do you feel like adding a pop of color to your studio? Or maybe keeping things see-through? Whatever you prefer, microboards media cases can be clear glossy (transparent), matte black, glossy black, blue, red, orange, green, pink, yellow - basically, you can find cases in whatever color you can think of. These colors are usually applied to the case's tray, while the product is still keeping a transparent top in order to keep the option of a cover that indicates the contents of the media.

How cool is it to be able to choose the exact media case you most need and like? Pick the ones you want, organize your work, and effortlessly optimize your studio space. You spent a lot of time and resources to produce your work, so keep it safe and damage-free with protective media cases. Labels make it easy to find demos in no time.

Questions about Media Cases?

Questions about Media Cases?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

Questions about Media Cases?

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