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Blank Panels

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It is often the little things that separate the professional from the amateur. This is because things that seem inconsequential to most people are actually small, but important parts, of a well-thought-out audio system. When things such as your gear racks are built out with an eye for fit and finish, it shows that you take your job and your equipment seriously. These small touches often have functions that aren't immediately obvious to the untrained eye. One of the marks of a meticulous sound engineer is keeping your racks looking organized and clean by installing blank panels over any empty spaces between units.

Many pieces of gear actually require extra space in the rack above and below them. This can be due to a variety of issues from ergonomics to proper ventilation. In addition to keeping your rack's items out of sight, a panel blank also keeps unwanted things from falling into your rack.

Whatever your motivation, we carry a wide array of panel options for filling your blank spaces. You can cover spaces with a single panel in sizes ranging from 1/2U to 6U, and these also give you nearly endless options for mixing and matching to fit any size space. We have panels made out of steel or aluminum with sharp, black finishes such as brushed anodized and powder coated.

You can even express your personality with our blank panels! How about a panel with pretend knobs and switches labeled with bizarre, fictional effects? Or go uber practical by using that blank space for a simple 1/8 inch stereo input for easily inserting an mp3 player or laptop output. It's always good to make sure your rack has good ventilation. We have a variety of choices with perforated holes, or flanged vents. These are perfect for racks containing units with fans, such as most power amps. We've even heard of people modifying blank rack panels with their own combination of jacks.

Whether you need to provide ventilation for your gear, add space for easier access, protect the inside of your rack, or you simply want your racks to look great, we have an impressive number of choices for every application. With blank panels, your racks will be looking as professional as you are.

If you have rack space to fill but are unsure about which types of panels would best suit the gear inside, give us a call! Our Sales Engineers are happy to help you sort out the various options. We're here to make sure you get the perfect blank panels for your rack.

Questions about Blank Panels?

Questions about Blank Panels?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

Questions about Blank Panels?

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