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Rack Screws

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Of all of the pieces of equipment for the business of making music, one reigns supreme. Regardless of how you put your signal chain together, whether you favor analog or digital, or if your domain is the recording studio or the live venue, this piece is an indispensable part of your rig. This one component is so powerful, it literally holds your entire system together. We're talking about the humble rack screw. Where would we be without rack screws?

You may be wondering what can possibly be said about something as simple as the rack screw. In fact, there is quite a bit to talk about. One thing nobody realizes until you're sitting there with your Phillips driver looking at a screw with a square socket, is that rack screws can have different shaped heads. In addition to Phillips and standard, they also come in square and Torx.

Do you have a bunch of square heads mixed in with your Phillips heads? You're in luck! We carry driver bits for all types of rack screws including security rack screws. On the opposite side of the rail, we have nuts in retainer clips. And we all know they are notorious for popping off and disappearing into thin air right in the middle of a rack reorganization project. Get yourself a bag of replacements before your next gear swap.

With quantities up to 500, you will never want for rack screws. We also carry shoulder washers to make sure those screws don't vibrate loose. Does your rack have an irritating ground hum? A set of isolation tabs keep your units isolated from each other and the rack. These simple tabs can help to eliminate ground loops. They're dead simple to install and won't scratch up your gear.

Last but not least we have a variety of rack mounting kits made specifically for many non-standard-shaped pieces of gear. There are kits for everything from mixers to synth units to laptop shelves. Naturally, most come with rack screws, but you may be using star-post security screws for everything. In that case, you'll want to pick up replacements for the included Phillips screws. Keeping everything uniform and secure is the name of the game.

You'd think rack screws would be a no-brainer, and in most cases that's true. But if you have issues with hum, or specific screw head requirements, or you're looking for a specific rack kit, feel free to give us a call. We are just as happy to talk screws as we are any of the gear we sell. Our goal is to get the right solutions into your hands.

Questions about Rack Screws?

Questions about Rack Screws?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

Questions about Rack Screws?

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