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Various PCI Cards

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A PCI card allows you to attach or connect peripheral devices with your computer. If you are looking for a way to connect various kinds of devices, including graphics, audio and network hardware, PCI is a widespread connection standard that is designed to do just that.

When selecting a card for your computer, you first need to check some specifications to make sure you are buying the right one. Namely, you need to make sure your motherboard has available PCI slots, or you won’t be able to connect a PCI card. The number of slots depends on the model and make of your motherboard. Another thing to check is whether your desired card is compatible with your computer.

When selecting PCI cards, especially for beginners, it can be difficult to know which video, network or other expansion PCI cards can be installed on your motherboard. There are various types of slots and different ways to use them with PCI cards. The main variants differ in bus widths and signal voltages. You can find cards of various widths and voltages at Sweetwater, and you can identify the card you need by checking the specifications or looking at the golden socket area of your old card.

Other than PCI you can also find PCIe cards among our selection. PCIe cards are the newest standard when it comes to connecting devices to your computer. Do you want higher potential bandwidth and greater flexibility? Then a PCIe card is a perfect choice. Just remember that PCIe is not backwards compatible with PCI and PCI-X, which means that if your motherboard doesn’t specifically support PCIe, you will need to change it in order to be able to install these types of cards. But a great upside to PCI and PCIe cards is that they are extremely easy to install.

Want to add versatility to your computer? Then grab one of our PCI wireless cards. You can use them to transfer data at impressive speeds, stream audio, download and upload audio and video, and more. Need more USB or FireWire buses to streamline your work? No worries. Buy a PCIe card with additional buses and connect multiple devices to your computer at the same time. Our cards offer high speeds and are affordable solutions to your everyday needs.

If you want to upgrade your computer with additional devices, Sweetwater offers various PCI and PCIe cards for a broad range of applications. Do you need help deciding on the perfect card for you? Great! We are here to help. Call our Sales Engineers, let us know about your computer and what you plan on hooking up to it, and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Questions about Various PCI Cards?

Questions about Various PCI Cards?

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Questions about Various PCI Cards?

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