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MIDI Guitars/Pickups

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For some guitar players, it’s not all about vintage tone. These players crave unlimited flexibility and modes of expression that are unfettered by tradition or nostalgia. They see their guitar as a creative tool that is capable of so much more. It is a controller for technically manipulating and mangling sounds and for interfacing directly with sonic ideas that may have nothing to do with what we think of as “guitar.”

It is for this special musical mindset that the MIDI guitar was invented. MIDI guitars and those with transducer pickups and synth outputs can control sonic parameters like no other instrument. Yet these are still guitars, and as such they are well crafted instruments capable of producing superb guitar tones, in addition to being an electronic interface.

MIDI guitars themselves can be a joy to play. They are built with a wide variety of tried and true body and neck wood combinations. With finish options like figured maple tops and mahogany bodies and necks topped with maple or Richlite fingerboards, these guitars look amazing and are made to play. When it comes to their complement of magnetic pickups, there is every option you could want, from dual humbuckers to single coils in various 2- and 3-pickup configurations.

Now here is where things get intense. In addition to the traditional magnetic pickups, these guitars incorporate transducer and synth pickup technology that lets you interface with external synthesizers and sound modules. With up to 6 channels of synth signal transmission, you can get to Jupiter and back with the flip of a switch. Route the signal into a guitar synth processor on the floor in front of you, and you’ve got an effects unit like no other with modulation, delay, and your own patches loaded via USB. They also have MIDI I/O for interfacing with any MIDI-equipped piece of equipment you care to add to the mix. The sheer number of ways to manipulate the guitar’s sound is staggering.

But there’s more. We carry MIDI guitars that feature an integrated wireless transmitter feature in your synth pickup that pairs with a USB receiver that you plug into your laptop. Can you see where this is going? Now you’ve got 6 channels of control signal flowing right into your performance DAW. Load up a stack of VST filters and effects and you’ve got yourself the ultimate guitar.

If you’re stoked about the possibilities of these synth and MIDI guitars, we know the feeling. Pick up the phone and call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer; we’re happy to dive deep into the details with you. This can be especially useful if you have a specific MIDI or synth effect that you’d like to use. We’ll help you zero in on a guitar that interfaces with your gear perfectly and plays like a dream.

Questions about MIDI Guitars/Pickups?

Questions about MIDI Guitars/Pickups?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

Questions about MIDI Guitars/Pickups?

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