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Bass Guitar Strings

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Bassists are obsessive about everything that affects our tone. It doesn’t take long on the road before you realize that different types of strings impart interesting and unique characteristics to your sound. If you’re searching for a different type of string than you’re currently using, you have come to the right place. We carry a wide selection of strings for both electric and acoustic basses.

For electric basses, check out our packs for 4, 5 and 6 stringed instruments. Your options include top string gauges ranging from 0.23 to 0.90 and bottom string gauges from .078 to .135. You can also get these with or without protective coatings. All the scale length bases are covered from short to super long. We have a dizzying array of options for electric bass, but we also have top quality strings for upright double bass that deliver superior sound and feel. We even have sets for Bajo Quinto and Bajo Sexto.

Take a look at our selection of winding styles for electric bass guitars. Of course, there is the standard round wound in all the popular gauges. If you’re looking to reduce finger noise while adding a smoother feel and a warmer tone, check out our flat wound strings. We also offer half-round winding which are ground down for a smoother feel and sit between flat and round in terms of tone and touch. If you’re after a thumping feel with shortened decay, you should definitely opt for a set of tape wounds. These guys get their signature sound from the nylon outer wrapping.

The variety of materials that you have at your disposal is incredibly wide. You can choose from all the popular standard choices including nickel plated steel, phosphor bronze, and iron/cobalt, as well as interesting options like Type 52. While it sounds mysterious, Type 52 are actually round wound strings with black polymer coating. They’re known for providing extra punch in the midrange and extra long life span.

If you’re not sure which string sets are appropriate for your bass, give us a call. And if you’re struggling to get a specific type of tone, we can help. Let our Sales Engineers us know what type of bass you have and what sound or feel you’re going for. We’ll help you zero in on your best options. Learn More

Questions about Bass Guitar Strings?

Questions about Bass Guitar Strings?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

Questions about Bass Guitar Strings?

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