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Exciters / Enhancers

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Exciters and enhancers occupy a corner of the signal processing universe that can be a bit fuzzy in terms of what they actually do. Part of this is because different units enhance and excite your sound in different ways. In practice though, exciters impart greater clarity and depth to your sound, resulting in enhanced brightness, tighter bass, and increased vocal intelligibility in your live sound mix. They're ideal for adding a consistent bottom end to your DJ mix or increasing the feeling of space in your hi-fi and 5.1 surround systems.

One of the best features about exciters is their ability to fill the room with a thick, punchy low end without adding bass frequencies. DJs love this feature because they know they can keep that bass pumping and the dance floor full as they move from song to song. Exciters really help to create consistency in your room mix. Many of these units achieve this bass enhancement using psychoacoustic principles to thicken up the low end even on PA systems that don't have speakers or subs that are capable of big bass.

On the other side of the spectrum, exciters can add a gorgeous top-end shine to your mix. They do this by extending the high-end frequencies to increase perceived volume and making vocals and upper register instruments pop without actually increasing the volumes. Some units take this even further by integrating compression effects. This gives the top a very natural sounding brightness, while imparting an overall warmth to the signal at the same time.

These units pack in so many features to get excited about (pun intended) but it doesn't stop there. Choose from additional features like backlit displays, multi-segment LED monitoring, and bypass switching for comparing your mix with and without the exciter engaged. Enjoy sweepable frequency harmonics, and the ability to save and recall presets, too. Whatever your mix is missing, we carry an exciter/enhancer to round it out.

If you're excited about enhancing your mix, but not totally dialed in on what your system needs, give us a call. Our friendly Sales Engineers will talk you through your options so you can confidently choose the perfect exciter for your live sound rig. Learn More

Questions about Exciters / Enhancers?

Questions about Exciters / Enhancers?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

Questions about Exciters / Enhancers?

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