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Rack Accessories

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PA systems can be complicated beasts. Having the right accessories to compliment your system can make your life much better. Seemingly insignificant rack accessories can make all the difference!

Take rack screws, for instance. We all love them, and we love them even more when we have enough of them. Those of you who have been performing for a while know how they can get lost, stripped, or sheared off. It never hurts to have a bag of spares tucked away. The same goes for the rails. The day will inevitably come when several holes in your rack rails have no threads left. But you don't have to wait that long. We carry replacement rails in a variety of unit counts, so you never have to be without the accessories you need.

Some racked audio gear needs extra space around it to work comfortably, so it's common to have a rack space or two empty. This is where a solid or vented panel to fill the empty spaces makes your rack look clean and well organized. They also keep things like tools or debris from falling into the interior of your rack. We carry a wide selection of covers in 1U and 2U panels. There is something truly satisfying about the look of a well organized equipment rack.

Rack shelving is a great way to accommodate and organize any of your gear that is not rackmountable, or that you don't leave in the rack. For example, a sliding rack shelf provides a platform for your laptop to pop out of the rack with the recording interface. Sweetwater carries standard 1U universal shelves as well as shelves designed for a specific piece of gear. With rack shelves and a few zip ties, you can secure just about anything.

If you're traveling a lot with a moderately sized live sound PA, you’ll want to have a portable storage unit for everything. Outfitting racks with storage drawers can be a standardized solution for all of your gear. We stock a variety of rack drawer models from your basic sliding drawer to a 8U lockable rack drawer with file-hanging hardware. Throw some caster wheels on the bottom and you can easily roll everything up the ramp and into your truck.

Racks are up there with duct tape in terms of being able to build anything you want out of it. There are all kinds of cool units. How does a 2U panel that holds 4 DI boxes sound? Or a top mounted pop-up shelf for a laptop? There are about a million ways to configure a rack, allowing you to get pretty creative with your setup.

Give us a call and tell us what your rack configuration goals are. Our Sales Engineers will help you sort through all of the options and get you set up with all the rack accessories you need.

Questions about Rack Accessories?

Questions about Rack Accessories?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

Questions about Rack Accessories?

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