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Portable Rack Bags

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As you start getting really good at mixing superior live sound night after night, you develop your own unique way of doing things. You learn techniques that work like a charm for a variety of live scenarios. You also develop a taste for certain pieces of gear that you know you can rely on every time. This is where a portable rack bag bumps your game up to the next level. Pop open the sides, plug in and serve up your signature mind-blowing mix.

Our 2U rack bags are perfect for that one color compressor, your favorite stereo EQ, or a couple of your favorite preamps for vocals. They come with heavy duty reinforced handles and shoulder straps. These rack bags are easy to carry, so it's easy to keep your gear safe and your mind focused on producing your best sound.

As you look into our larger units, your selection of options expands, too. You can favor lightweight options by choosing a bag with an aluminum frame and fully customizable padding. Or you can go big with a rugged 4U unit that has a rigid wood core clad in nylon. It still looks and transports like a bag, but the enhanced side protection guarantees that your gear will survive the trip. These rack bags also feature retractable handles with integrated wheels like a suitcase. Now you can bring your entire signal chain with you like a pro.

Our portable rack bags are perfectly suited for DJs as well. They're great for effects and PA components like power amps and crossovers. Some of our more extensive models can protect gear as large as a 12U DJ station kitted out with 8U on the top and 4U on the side. And when you're ready to pack up, your gear is protected by a cool L-shaped padded cover that attaches to the case with velcro and completely covers all of your gear.

Getting your stuff safely from point A to point B is what these rack bags are all about. Whether you're looking for a light bag you can quickly and comfortably sling over your shoulder, or a rolling bag with superior protection and heavy duty steel rails, you’ll find it here at Sweetwater.

Still not sure which portable rack bag you need? Call our Sales Engineers. We know all of the options and features of these bags. Tell us about every piece of gear that you need to be able to pick up and head out with at a moment's notice. We will work with you to find the very best portable rack bag for your setup. Learn More

Questions about Portable Rack Bags?

Questions about Portable Rack Bags?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

Questions about Portable Rack Bags?

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