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Mixer Lamps / Lights

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Most people think of the recording studio as this tightly controlled place where every aspect of recording is methodically implemented. In reality that's not always the case. Studio recording is also about creating a vibe that allows musicians to deliver their very best performance. Sometimes that means bringing the vocalist into the control room, turning the lights down and building a comfortable atmosphere for belting out a truly incredible take. The only drawback is it can be hard to see every knob and fader. Adding a couple of unobtrusive mixer lamps will keep you from working in the dark, literally, so you can deliver your best engineering performance as well.

Your standard gooseneck studio mixer lamp is more or less ubiquitous. They all behave pretty much the same, though there are a variety of intensities and connector types to choose from. Many studio mixers have a lamp socket built in. The connector type varies somewhat with 3 or 4 pin XLR, BNC and TNC being found most frequently. We stock mixer lights to accommodate all of the common connector types.

Don't worry if your mixer does not have a built in lamp socket. We have lamps powered by regular old AC adaptor as well as USB. In fact, you can illuminate your whole console with a well placed powered USB hub and several mixer lamps. We also have lights with gooseneck lengths ranging from 12 to 24 inches. Yep, we can help you shine a light on a mixer pretty much anywhere you want.

A gooseneck lamp doesn't do you much good if your mixer is mounted vertically in a rack. If that's your scenario, then you are in luck! One of our 1U rack light units is a superb option. These offer far more than a simple way to illuminate your rack. They come packed with great features such as a retractable light module, dimming control, and integrated power conditioning and distribution. What could be better than a mixer light that comes with 8 power sockets?

It's always a good idea to have a few spare bulbs on hand. Mixer lights contain lightbulbs and last time we checked all lightbulbs eventually burn out. We stock all the standard bulb sizes, so go ahead and pick up spares now before the inevitable happens. On the other hand, you can make it a lot less inevitable by choosing an LED mixer light. These things last forever. Some folks find LEDs a bit harsh, but others aren't bothered. Whatever your preference is, We have a mixer light that will suit your tastes.

Adding mixer lighting to your studio is usually pretty straight forward. But if you have any questions regarding connection type, finding the correct replacement bulbs, or anything else simply pick up the phone and give us a call. Our awesome Sales Engineers love geeking out on obscure details like studio mixer lamps and rack lighting. Tell us all about your lighting challenge and we will not rest until your mixer is lit exactly the way you want it.

Questions about Mixer Lamps / Lights?

Questions about Mixer Lamps / Lights?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

Questions about Mixer Lamps / Lights?

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