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Mixer Lamps / Lights

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The band takes the stage and the lights go down. They hit those first few notes, the crowd goes wild and you suddenly realize the hurdy-gurdy player is way louder than he was at sound check. So you frantically grab your flashlight and scan the board for the correct fader. If you're ready to stop using a flashlight and be a professional, check out mixer lights. They illuminate the mixing board so you can see everything and use both hands to dial in the sound. Your days of holding a nasty bar flashlight in your mouth are over, friend!

The good news is many live sound mixing boards have a built in socket for a standard gooseneck mixer lamp, and the even better news is that Sweetwater carries a ton of them. There are a couple of details that you'll need sort out before you choose a light. You need to make sure to pick a lamp with the correct connection type for your mixer. The most common connector types are 3 or 4 pin XLR, and BNC. We have a variety of mixer lamps to choose from with each of those connection types.

There are other ways to crack the mixer lighting nut. If your board doesn't have a built in lamp socket, we have options with weighted bases powered by a regular AC adaptor. A couple of these placed around your mixer station will do the job nicely. No space in the mixing booth for a free standing light? No problem. We've even got low profile wall mounted lighting solutions. Just bend the gooseneck down to illuminate what you need to see, and then at the end of the night push it up flush against the wall and out of the way. No fuss, no muss.

With all these awesome lamps lighting up your booth, eventually you're going to have to replace a bulb or two. We stock replacement bulbs for all of our mixer lamps, and recommend that you pick up some spares before you actually need them. We also have lamps that use LEDs. The advantage of LED lamps is that they're quite bright, they're rugged, and they last forever. If you do a lot of outdoor or mobile live sound, LED lamps are perfect for you.

Sometimes what you need is constant light wherever you happen to be looking. This is especially the case in outdoor festival situations. Once the sun goes down, things are going to get hairy if you can't see. While they're not the best looking, a headlamp is a lifesaver in these situations. Strap it on and whatever you're looking at is bathed in glorious white light.

If you're having trouble identifying which lamp socket your mixing board has, or which funky little lightbulb your light needs give our Sales Engineers a call. There are only so many variations on the live sound mixer light, and we’ll help you figure out what you need to light your way.

Questions about Mixer Lamps / Lights?

Questions about Mixer Lamps / Lights?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

Questions about Mixer Lamps / Lights?

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